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Deserve It ( Artist: GP ) - Dinamico
#MyType is a very sensual r&b record sung by Nola's R&b artist Kris Baptiste produced by OBrian Music & Scarec
artist: Obrian
This is how your next Obrian track could sound!! Lets go...shout out to Cioni for smashin this beat!
artist: Timiarah
A song I wrote year ago and never released. Not to anyone in particular. Just a demo. Was trying a deeper voca
artist: Fedarro
My tribute to a legend...Happy Bday MJ Facebook: Fedarro |IG: FedarroSings | Twitter: @1Fedarro| snapchat: Fe
Produced for Frankie J - Promo use only **Not For Licensing
title: SURFACE
artist: Fide
Destini - Heart At War (Produced by Fide mixed by dBmixing) 2013 @Destini_Music
Baby (Come Over) by Tony Sway New music from Tony Sway Produced/Written & Performed by Tony Sway for Rnbsmoove
artist: mr redeyez
title: Smoke Jazz
bongs bowls blunts needed for this song sit back relax and enjoy (SouthSide Slums)
artist: Atilah
Created For MuveMakerz BUY Atilah.
A song who explain that i'd like to have a more brazilian shaped a**, i mean REALLY big and at the same time b
artist: Audamatik
title: LoveLetter
Rnb song...dedicated to my husband
artist: Ron G
freestyle song one take!
artist: Psycho Metal
title: All I Got
You know What's Up. Psycho Me - PSYCHO METAL -
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Joey Trife
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
Part 3: It’s not just women who respond to such olfactory cues. One surprising study published last October in the journal Evolution of Human Behavior showed that strippers who were ovulating average $70 in tips per hour; those who are menstruating make $35; those who are not ovulating or menstruating make $50. Other studies suggest that men can react in more romantic ways to olfactory signals. In work conducted by Martie Haselton, an associate professor of psychology at UCLA, women report that when they’re ovulating, their partners are more loving and attentive and, significantly, more jealous of oth...
ladeana michelle
LaDeana Michelle's "RARE" Michael Jackson Tribute - Check It Out!: My Soundclick fam...did u see my Michael Jackson ultimate tribute on YouTube yet? If you didn't, check it out with this URL (copy & paste it in your browser): Please watch in HIGH QUALITY, rate it and give it some love as we remember an icon!!! Much love, LaDeana Michelle
Dark Productions
get in where you fit in!: noticed many many many many artist placing there music in the wrong categories ..... wanted to break out of my genre and listen to some other artist just to find the same stuff ..... dirty south beats in the classical category rap in the techno category ?? don't know if this is a new problem or what but its kinda wack!
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