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mother said I was born wicked-page 5: Luther was a true musician because I know it was he, that gave me good Inspiration to become the person I turned out to be. I remember one evening before sunset when he came in through the door, tired and weary from working bare-footed he sat on the floor, he held a small piece of bamboo and a knife in his other hand, I wondered what he was going to do but I couldn’t understand, he began to carve the bamboo and made himself a flute, then placed it between his thick dry lips and gave it a little toot, the sound was sweet and ethereal wonderful music to my ears, for a split s...
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Mother Said I was born wicked-page 1: So much anguish and labour she said my firstborn son almost left me dead, oh what excruciating pains and sorrow but I pushed you out like no tomorrow. Yes, it was at dawn that I was born delivered by the district nurse that morn, as my mother laid on her back in the shack screaming out from contraction attack. Father, like typical men of old were never present at births i'm told, “ME JUST WANT TO HEAR DE BABY CRYING, DEN ME KNOW DAT EVERYTING IS FINE” while mum was inside at the point of breaking dad just stood outside the shack waiting. Wednesday the 26th of august 1953 was the...
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