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artist: nedped
easy beat, guitars, keys, synths and vocal
This a heeya cut ain't nothin' but a TRIBUTE to the mighty Bob Dylan !!!
artist: GALLEON!
This is a song about love gone a little crazy.
artist: GALLEON!
title: GOLD
Return with GALLEON to the Old West, where everyone searches for their own brand of gold. For our hero, the g
artist: CC Ward
title: Wildflowers
A licensed cover of Tom Petty's Wildflowers as a tribute following his death. Joining Colin are Mya Rose and
Protest song against colonization and racism
artist: BGN
jazzy funky folk
George Potor plays acoustic guitar and sings
artist: Roger John
title: Rollin'
State of affairs in the world
After the Brexit vote will there be reconciliation?
Racism has been given the green light by the Brexit vote.
George Potor plays electric guitars and sings. Photo by The New Joy of Jell-O Project
artist: GE Baldwin
A song about cowardice..recorded on Garageband at Studio Z Dixie
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Lightnin Harry Dee
Folk Rock
All songs are written and performed by Lightnin' Harry Dee. Special thanks to Fred Gallagher (guitar) J.J. Fenderbender (drums) AND Elliot Baron (bass)...The LHDee Band.... In Memory of the late Frank Cutrona, coauthor and vocalist on I'm An Alcoho..
My new song from the Lord!: I posted my new song, HARMONY, and I think it sounds pretty good, so check it out! I love what I am doing, listening to the Lord giving me these great songs, then playing on the piano until I find a new melody, then trying to match the melody to a sheet of words the Lord has given me. Sometimes I get the tune with the words, but most times It's just the words first, then a melody for the song later while I'm playing around on the piano or keyboard. THANK YOU LORD, for the talent you've given me!!...
Hank is Coming to Town - 14OCT07-Cincinnati, O: OK, I finally set up a damn MySpace page - - too many people came to me and asked if I was on there, personally I'm still going to use Soundclick as my main mode of improvement as it seems to be geared more to the artists and aspiring ones where as Myspace is sort of like a mainstream kind of thing. I find way better stuff here than anywhere else anyway. The drama continues with my buddies SandraK experiment - so much so that they appear to be a defunct entity at this point, oh well - personally, I've been working with a guy a couple times a week just north a b...
Hello Its me blog !: I doub't if there will be to much stuff on here, but I guess its worth checking out from time to time, so do drop back and have a look.
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