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classic Christian Rock.
artist: D'Abaldo
A odd different song. Like a spy movie. No more Black and White all is grey and from this Grey I am running fr
originally written in 1985 this song was beautifully re-mastered in 2015.
artist: firesong
Remaster of a Single Heart Classic
artist: Jonsson
ocals: Kevin Rosenberger, FX/Guitar: Michael Duran, Violin: Andrez Henriquez, Guitarsolos: Morten Gjermundsen,
artist: Ed Albaugh
Paraphrased from the Psalm, most from NKJV but also looking at other translations
Rocker about coming to yourself and having a change in heart about our Creator.
artist: The Band N8
title: Syria
pop rock, underlying lead line and great solo by Travis Downs "humble guy"
artist: Marla Reid
Piano driven Rock ballad
artist: Marla Reid
Piano Driven Christian Rock
artist: Marla Reid
title: Drifting
Piano driven Christian Rock with a hint of Country
artist: Marla Reid
Piano driven Christian Rock
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Hip Hop
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Rick Gross
Christian Rock
"It's Gonna Rain"
Rick Gross,, inc., all rights reserved "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40.3
CREDIT CRUNCH: THE CREDIT CRUNCH: What the "duck" ? how many times we heard this "shell" of a word in the last 10/8 months ? Too many ... but I never heard of a true and genuine confession. Personally I think there are three reasons: 1) banks 2) contractors 3) politicians N. 1 gave money to everybody to buy the houses, 80% of which now are going to be repossessed. N. 2 build every inch of land possible to sell everything they could to those who borrowed the money N. 3 allowed this as it was very profitable weather for the tax office or (in the worse cases ... I happen to live in Italy) their...
2002 to 2008 Survey: YEARS GONE BY SURVEY* 6 YEARS AGO- 2002: 1. How old were you? 15 - 16 2. Were you in school? High School. 3. If so, where? What year were you in? 10th Grade. 4. Who was your best friend? Tommy, Eddie, Chris, Joe 5. Were you single or taken? Single. 6. If you were taken, who were you dating? N / A 7. How long did that last? Why? N / A 8. On a Friday where could you be found? At Haight Street with friends or jamming with my high school band. 9. Hobbies? Music, Writing, Wrestling, Art, Video Games. 10. Where did you work? Nowhere. But I was a musician ...
Taken from my Facebook (Part 3): I want to have sidemen musicians adding more musical instruments to the mix as a Live Band for my music. I tried placing ads in the newspaper and looking for musicians at schools I went to in the music and art department. But no one is interested. So I am not expecting too much for now since I am serious with California State University. I just am considering getting a few more musicians (with credits given) to collaborate and overdub more musical instruments to my solo artist recordings and rearranging and fine tuning the music to a certain degree as Rock 4 Chinatown, and my band that's NOT a...
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