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title: Karelia
The Spotnicks cover. Backing Track - Goran Tangring
Young summer love and sweet lead guitars. These days I clear out of South Padre before the March break mayhem
sunshine, blue skies, golden sand and you
artist: Oberhofer
My version to a backing track by TNut for the LPF Jam Zone. Kloppmann equipped Relic Strat, AxeFx II Blackface
artist: Billy Kaye
title: Pipeline
A instrumental surf tune from the 60's by "The Chantays.
artist: post420
title: The Greens
For lack of category, its been entered under surf rock. However, its more aquatic, fresh water.
Surf song I was inspired to write after surfing with stingrays.
Second Surf is - Lead Guitar - Jeff Leites Rhythm Guitar - Rand Rubin Drums - Don Ross Bass -
artist: Marc Halikas
Chillin' out on some funky stuff.
title: East Strand
Recorded and mixed very quickly to get a raw edgy live sound - Nothing pretty here - Recorded 15th February 20
shootout between a Fender 63 tube reverb reissue and a Boss FRV-1 You always her the Fender first and then th
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The Stealth Mosquitoes
Surf Rock
"Crystal 7X"
Tasmanian rock band blending a range of styles making dynamic music influenced by the space and ambience of Tasmania.Check out our music, some cool photo's, and if you're in Tasmania come for a surf with Mike and Steve.
New version of Almost Midnight: Dave finally got over and laid down the drum tracks for a couple tunes replacing the programmed beats with the real thing, and I think it is awesome. I hope you like it. I just posted the first, Almost Midnight. The band is back together (the 2 original members anyway) after 30 years. Wow.
Forever Fantasy: Samurai Sorcerers is a Taiwanese alternative rock band that was formed in the late 2000s in the independent music scene in Taiwan. The band features Taiwanese punk rock musician and artist Patrick Lew and his Irish American wife Faith Lew (nee Tanner). Notably an Asian male and White female interracial couple of musicians in Taiwan and all across Asia, alongside Lew’s former hometown of Northern California. Formerly, Patrick was making music in the Bay Area solo and with former unsuccessful local rock bands. He went to attend the Taiwanese College of Music in 2008, and met a female America...
Gagliarchives Top 100 CDs of 2008: Hi Everyone, I am very excited about the fact that my Viper appears on 3 of the CDs in the running for the Gagliarchives Top 100 CDs of 2008: Mooch--1967 1/2 Radio Massacre International--Rain Falls in a Different Way Spirits Burning--Earthborn Please take a minute to vote for these CDs! Also, don't forget our friends: Dream Machine Oresund Space Collective The Red Masque Rare Blend The artists are listed alphebetically at different links. I will copy/paste the info from the Gagliarchives newsletter below. Cyndee It's Time To Vote For The Top Discs of 2008! This ye...
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