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cover of the Wise/Sayer tune originally a hit for The Mindbenders and later also a hit for Phil Collins - this
Audio track from video recording of a live looping performance.
artist: Bob Forbes
title: Cool Night
Performed by Bob Forbes, produced by Pascal Gregory and Bob Forbes. HF Agency LICENSE NO.: 1331661100.
artist: DairyBeat
*(c) SOPHIE: DairyBeat ft. Sandra OTTO 2004 ELEANOR McEVOY Cover. Music & Lyrics, about the mental illness Ano
Spencer Davis Group cover.
On the photo you can see John and his murderer (i call it Demon) "Mark Chapman", he is since 09.12.1980 in jai
Collaboration By Forbes and Marcum
artist: Tony DeLecce
title: Imagine
Cover of John Lennons Imagine. New piano for Christmas so had to try something on it. Not my strongest instr
Audio recording of live looping performance rehearsal from solo artist Bryan Knight
title: A new Flame
Simply Red Cover
artist: FR MUSIC
Tom Petty Tribute: Learning To Fly (Cover) Send email to: FRMUSIC2@outlook.com
artist: FR MUSIC
Deep Purple Tribute - Highway Star cover. Contact: FRMUSIC2@outlook.com
artist: FR MUSIC
Beatles Tribute - I Am The Walrus cover. Contact: FRMUSIC2@outlook.com
artist: FR MUSIC
Beatles Tribute - Birthday cover. Contact: FRMUSIC2@outlook.com
artist: Major Snagg
I'm not sure what 'genre' this should be in...Pop/Soul/Rhythm & Blues. Well, whatever! this is another great s
my cover of The Left Banke song from 1967-also covered by The Four Tops. photo-Renee Fladen-Kamm , the girl
my cover of the Tim Moore penned song from 1974-also Art Garfunkel had a hit with it. about a New York City lo
artist: Drew Pizzulo
title: Hello
Drew Pizzulo's version of Lionel Richie's song "Hello" from his 2018 album "Covers"
artist: Cool Typhoon
title: Orangutan
Taylor Swift Type Beat x Halsey x Demi Lovato Type Beat Hit Single | Billboard Charts | ***Go Platinum Now***
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Jaden (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Hip Hop
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Pop General
"Bebi Mada's"
Flow River Flow: Flow River Flow A collaboration with the lovely Jeni901 from the UK http://members.soundclick.com/jeni901 Thank you all so much Love,Peace and Harmony!!!...
Latest song uploads: Well here is another acoustic track called "I've Got Jesus" the title speaks for itself. It has again been wonderfully sung by a female vocalist who also worked on the musical arrangement for this track, as with "You're My Angel". "I've Got Jesus" is sang with depth, warmth and emotiona in a slow, mellow tempo. Hope you enjoy it.
Have You Ever Encountered......: A day without music? Can you last recall or ever think of a time you went a whole day/night without hearing some form of music, hearing a song or singing one to yourself? Well I'd be surprised at how many people could say Yes. That's how important and how much music is a part of our lives. The significance and magnitude of it I feel is so underestimated or even un-appreciated and respected. It is like your every breath in a way, we breathe, inhale and consume music. We digest it's every note and tone, we spice it up or tame it down. We let it softly simmer or truly fire up with intensity...
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