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artist: Jaume Areste
With mty friend Cansi Natra.
me tryingt to get a better compressed bdrum sound with cla drums inside fl 11 , so bored, edirol orchestral wa
artist: ReHen Hawks
*** NEW TRACK *** ReHen Hawks - Without You (Sample)
13 ; Produced by Ground Breaking Ent.
artist: Mark Genesis
title: Tonight
The second single from 'Memorandum'. This is a feel good song that instantly makes you wanna dance. The topic
artist: Major Snagg
I heard this played on the radio recently and it reminded me of what a great hit single it was back in 1985. I
This is the version with me with Michael Esposito playing the lead guitar. I remasted it and deleted some part
artist: DjMano
Katie's 1st lead single You Don't Know Me from her current self debut album Katie Harte.
artist: Bud Whiteman
Foot stompin' pop rocker
artist: DjMano
Katie Harte ft PrinceDeManos- You Don't Know Me (Dance-Mix)
Lyrics & Recording by Roxy Redstone / Mixing / Master & Prod. by Me
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Swiss Frankie
Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Mark Genesis
Pop General
The second single from 'Memorandum'. This is a feel good song that instantly makes you wanna dance. The topic surrounds a fresh couple feeling each other and enjoying a musical connection on a night out.
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
Ferocious Teets: If evolution has taken away our "free" furry outer coat to better adapt to the modern life, why hasn't evolution given us teeth that last 100 years? And if 80% of your body heat is lost through your head, why are there bald people? Hair is a free hat and a free coat!! Come on Darwin! Is the answer that global warming is true? IT IS IF YOU READ ANYTHING ABOUT the earths cycles, Global cooling starts in 6,000 years. A fact! READ SOME BOOKS PEOPLE. In 6,000 years the Sahara will be a swamp. If you dissagree, why are there whale skeletons in that dessert? Google it. For the terminaly stupid, goog...
Snype Hearting: Why do we seek what we cannot find? When we think we have it, we are blind. My faith in it leaves my life to hinder. It has burned my heart into cinders. We focus our energy on what's not there. It looks not for me, so why should I care? It searches for those loving and kind. Yet, still it pushes them out of our mind. It has the power to take over our lives. It takes all your strength to leave it behind. Like an angel it saves you from the storm, It's a demon with no weight, shape or form. I always ask myself "Why do I persist?", For what I search for does not exist....
Hillary heads home for a much needed rest!: The one constant in the last 9 or 10 elections is that the EXPERTS never get it right. They are spouting wishful thinking rather than facts. msnbc had their winner and fox had theirs. These experts get paid to talk. If they have nothing to say, they still have to talk: much like a politician. Every party knows where to go for a poll that favors their candidate. The polls are only an extension of the speakers wishes....
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