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title: January
"January" is a pop rock song recorded by the Scottish rock band Pilot. Written by David Paton and produced by
artist: Major Snagg
I recently heard a version of this song by Arthur Alexander on Lisa Tarbuck's Saturday night radio show on BBC
A #1 hit! My cover of one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs! And, I can relate to these lyrics too!
artist: Rick Gross
License:2208589,2208484,2208582, Performing artist: Rick Gross, Album title: JOY, Record Label: tenstring.com,
Original song made famous by Ed Sheeran
artist: David Bazo
"The branch leaves are falling, and I try to take you out, out of my bloodstream... And every second feels lik
artist: stein
Cover of The Beatles Here There And Everywhere, Vocals Stein Made on stein gardar kristiansen Home Music Studi
artist: Lili Kendall
Download free mp3 of 'All Of Me' here: https://lilikendall.jammer.fm/posts#4376 For more about Lili Kendall:
Steel drums covering Stevie Wonder's 1980 hit.
artist: MaJa
title: Love
Maja, Nikki and Lunalie(Em) - S.E.S Love Collab. Mixed by mike. I sing Bada's part.
artist: Rayna Black
Originally by the Ichigo Mashimaro cast. 26/02/2007
artist: Johnny in NY
title: Groovin
Cover of "The Young Rascals" from 1967 performed on a Yamaha PSR S910 arranger.
John Alan Daubert playing and singing all parts at home. (I am available for studio session work, from home or
artist: LOWE ROCK
title: RIO
title: Youngblood
New cut of a classic
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
meechang tuie
Song in the heart: A number of my songs are songs from within me. I will try to retrive the melody the moment i hear it in my heart. I usually have a tape recorder nearby just in case my spirit sings within me. The song melody comes any time.
Getting Older Every Minute: OLDER THAN DIRT BAND Our First Gig which was at Madison Square Garden... 18,000 expectant fans sit restlessly at the famous Madison Square Garden in NYC....to see the new Sensation called “THE OLDER THAN DIRT BAND....Apparently they are a bunch of old guys trying to make it in today’s youth driven world of Rock n Roll and Pop Music...Nobody has ever seen them live before, only seen their Video and Song called “Peace & Love Have Broken Out ( All Over The World )..... The hype has been going on for 6 months and their song has been # 1 on Billboard top 100 for 3 months straight. Some o...
John Ford of the Strawbs
Part of the Union on list of The Greatest Political Songs of All Time: The Strawbs’ Hit single, Part of the Union (written by John Ford and Richard Hudson), has been named as one of The Greatest Political Songs of All Time, in a list compiled by the Political Studies Association to mark its 60th birthday as per the New Statesman article published March 8, 2010. The Political Studies Association exists to develop and promote the study of Politics. It is the leading organisation in the UK linking academics in political science and current affairs, theorists and practitioners, policy-makers, journalists, researchers and students in higher education. Political...
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