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artist: FR MUSIC
A Tribute To Avril Lavigne.
England Dan & John Ford Coley cover
artist: Stockwrock
digging the 12 string acoustic on this one. and i especially love paul's bass line in this one, which i made
artist: Riley uk
All The Lonely People.
my cover of The Left Banke song from 1967-also covered by The Four Tops. photo-Renee Fladen-Kamm , the girl
artist: Cool Typhoon
title: Orangutan
Taylor Swift Type Beat x Halsey x Demi Lovato Type Beat Hit Single | Billboard Charts | ***Go Platinum Now***
artist: Drew Pizzulo
title: O Holy Night
a classic standard Christmas cover of O Holy Night sung by Drew Pizzulo
artist: Ray Galdes
title: My Way
Recorded at Voltage Studios UK
title: Celtic Fire
A bit of Celtic Fire for the CBC 2012 St Patricks Day Celtic Music Challenge.
artist: Rick Gross
License:2208589,2208484,2208582, Performing artist: Rick Gross, Album title: JOY, Record Label: tenstring.com,
title: Powerless
first song! zhang li yin's 'why' but in english... therefore it's jamelle fraley's 'powerless'
A cover of the beautiful song by Jennifer Knapp
title: First Love
The Original One by Utada Hikaru
artist: HarpinGeorge
title: Summer Time
The "Summer Time" classic on harmonica
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
simi n
Chart Success?!: We released the song Pirates on 11-6-07, just 12 days ago, on www.soundclick.com and it is currently number 98 in the Pop chart out of a staggering 69000 tunes!! We have had nearly 1000 hits on the web page, 145 plays on Sound click, plus the 68 plays so far on My Space, making a grand total of 213 plays! Although we have only actually sold one copy, sadly, we are really pleased with the whole experiment and we should be releasing some new tracks soon! Our thanks go to all those that have visited us and we would love a few more comments !...
The Key to Your Success: The key to your own success truly lies within yourselves. Nobody else can unlock this, for you hold the master key to your lock. Your mind is your lock and it's upto you to unlock this potential. Yeah it's true you may need the assistance of others to help you do this but at the end of the day it is you who holds the key. As harsh at it may seem along the way or situations, people and circumstances that may try and force your lock to remain closed, you have to remember to stay focused, see past the obstacles. Keep the motivation and inspiration flowing strong. Each and every time you're...
kara johnstad
THE KITE TAILOR PROJECT - dive deep into poetry and get refreshed: M.J. Hummingway and Kite Tailor have a new project:


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