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artist: Cosmos II
title: Sunshine
Another cosmic love song expressing admiration of a girl who radiates like our closest star
4 track recording with Casio keyboard. Vickie Stein vocals, Jim Lester sax and vocals.
artist: GNG
Cool new instrumental to kick off the re-launch of GNG studios. Just goofing around.
artist: Trick T Olly
This is the the 2nd stanza only and it starts "She Hath a Lip". For this Take 1, I play slower and, I did not
title: DR. BRANDT
A song of love. The Great Pascal Boog from Germany played the lead Guitar on this . Thank you Pascal. I sang a
A song from the heart...
artist: Guitarboy
title: Miami
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at*Guitarboy - Guitars * Written and produced by Guitarboy.* Fro
For my mom and dad from 2001
artist: Paxofon
title: Xorra
Canco xorra
artist: Djextha
Inspired by Beatiful Island in the world called Zanzibar..
artist: Tony DeLecce
New last gasp of summer. Uploaded 10/30/2016. First time using new VOX AC4 Amp.
title: At The Beach
Thinking about being at the beach instead of the workforce routines.
artist: Marc Shepard
Crotchety old man announces publically that he hates Sun.
artist: Matt Tyson
cover version of the old Tradewinds tune.
artist: Musan Dera
title: X-large
A Clickers Summer Retrospective! "...this song breathes. Great chill out and cool ideas here. The intro is lik
artist: DannieD
A sunrise....a smile....
artist: FiBERGLASS
The FiBERGLASS boys take on the Brian Wilson classic for 2012!
artist: Neil Cotton
Canadian Escaping cold northern winter, Bakin' in the sun.
title: John Don't
To beach,, or not to beach
Put together on my first 4-tracker with keyboard generated drum track, a little tasteful harp, and mult-tracke
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Shell Shock
New School
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Erling Gunnarsson
Pop General
"Vinur (#28)"
Erling Gunnarsson Iceland
New Album. Called Kaibigan.: A New Album For Natsumi Mieko Kimi Kato coming soon. December 18, 2015. Friday The All New Album will feature many songs from the years. "Your Very Crazy" "Ohayou Guzinmasu." "At Alam Ko" and many many more. Natsumi Mieko Kimi kato with Star Music and Universal. Come together to being to you a real life story. Natsumi Mieko Kimi Kato. "The Angel In Me" By Michael Gustave an Toro Ohaoshi. Coming 2020....
princesa talulot
how to discover your potential: i have been always eager to know my capacity as an individual. in my growth, i realize, i have been thrilled to learn more of the gifts given to me. so i did not hesitate to take a speaking engagement where i could at least share how did i discovered the talens God gave me. ( i was during a Girl Scout camping) 1. discover the things you love doing the most (things where your strength lies) 2. upon discovering it, take bold steps to hone it. ( like if you love singing, join a choir, enroll in a voice lesson) 3. money isn't a hindrance ( find ways to develop your talents) 4. share shar...
Lone DragonFear aka LoneDF
210514: back here again having a day off today from my work. cause we are supposed to take a day off from the 6 day event. sg enforces 5 day work week... back to work again tmw. kinda fun to see the whole dept store in a whole new different angle. i got to enter the staff canteen, which was really hidden so well behind the scenes. i stayed in the dept store from the early morning, until it opened its gates to welcome the first customers and back to the emptiness when everyone is closed for the day. the job made me understand more on how a day in a mega dept store works and not just come in shop b...
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