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JBBQ first recorded this song as "Ringing In The Nu Jazz Year" in Nu Jazz Genre. Great musician/friend Spinace
artist: Klaatu (CT)
There a lot of songs with the same title, so why another one? why not!
Breezy, feel-good jazz/rock vocals with some brash instrumental work portraying a setting of urban civility.
UNTAGGED Jazz Instrumental Beat, HipHop vs. Jazz- Licensing Contact: wavemaster.productions@web.de Standard (
Written and played by Guido Kaemmerling (Langerwehe/Germany) & The Guido K. Trio. Copyright 2017. All rights
artist: Rich Russom
A Song Dedicated to Joe Aloisa, written, Recorded & Played by Jim Damiano
artist: Loren
title: Caravanius
Chords are similar to Caravan but melodies are not the same. Vibes, acoustic bass, Sonar drum loops, e-pianos,
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Contemporary Jazz/ Smooth
artist: Roger mc
title: cool spot
what was i thinking when i walked down the road
artist: Colin Laguna
title: Timeless
Jazz ballad composed by saxophonist Colin Laguna
title: My Old Flame
Pete Shepherd (p), Laurence Evans (d), Derek Scurll (d). Jody Jazz DV Chicago mouthpiece.
artist: Smidi Beats
This is a Smidi Beats Jazz vocal collaboration featuring Geno "G-Love" Stanley
The "Zero" finally gets its long awaited rework replete with some tasty percussion elements from the Korg Trit
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Flawless Tracks
Chance Type - Natural Beauty
Hip Hop
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Missin' You"
Melodic with a Sprinkling of Funk
Solid E
Fadin' Away: I know why you've crept into my dreams I know why my friends see a change in me the time your takin' has got my heartache fadin' away before you another had made me cry before you I slept with tears in my eyes the love we're makin' has got my heartache fadin' away I'm gonna' try to forget all about the past I'm gonna' focus on you and try to make this feeling last make it last I'm falling in love I can't believe this is happening I'm falling in love...
Circle of Life - The events of the holidays - easter: “CIRCLE OF LIFE – the events of the holidays”. “EASTER” is the first song in this project and as you propably already have guessed, more songs will follow. THE IDEA came from the Christmas Cover Competition 2007, where my version of Jinglebells went all the way to top 21. The finalists bonded a lot during December at the shoutbox, and when it was all over I kind of missed them, so I decided to write a song we could publish at the next holiday – Easter. I also worked hard to get as many of my new friends involved in the work as possible. I’m therefore very honoured that I am able to anno...
Spring 2010 Tour ... Czech & Slovakia: Steve Clarke Triio Pat Marafiote Keyboards Steve Clarke Bass Chris Stanley Drums Hear New CD: www.CDBaby.com/steveclarketrio (w/Mike Stern 21.4. Praha 22.4. AGHARTA JAZZ CLUB PRAHA 23.4. JAZZINEC FESTIVAL TRUTNOV 24.4. KLUB CHRISTIANIA PREÅ OV SK 25.4. Bratislava, Prievidza 26.4. GES KLUB KOÅ ICE 27.4. PARNÃ쳌K OSTRAVA 28.4. TIBET OLOMOUC 29.4. JAZZ CLUB EVŽEN OPAVA 30.4. M a€“ KLUB VALAÅ SKÉ MEZIŘÃ쳌AeŒÃ쳌 1.5. Å TUDLOV 2.5. off 3.5. JAZZ DOCK PRAHA 4.5. STARÃ쳌 PEKÃ쳌RNA BRNO 5.5. Praha 6.5. Praha 7.5. TANAeŒÃ쳌RNA REPUBLIKA a€“ Na PoříAe쳌í Praha 8.5.Back ...
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