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artist: Evan Paul
A jazz song about a heart broken girl. Kara delivers the goods on this, what a voice, she's incredible, be su
Jazz Vocal of JBBQ's Instrumental: "EVER DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL - To Faunaserene With Love". The channeled words
If only,,, 3 voice acoustic/electric/synth guitar and vocals, plus drums by Steve James, regarding a romance n
Different than I usually do, because I do not usually let others hear this side of me. I wrote it, sang all vo
a capella version of the popular Christmas song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane in 1943 and produced by
Experimental, or maybe just mental...
title: Jimmy
A song about those we lose along the way through their own actions and how it cuts deeply to scar the hidden p
artist: Freddy J
title: Day's End
Another song for my wife - Alice. It is done in kind of a soft cool jazz style?
Me singing on this I liked the soprano I laid down and thought I would try out my vox, LOL.Sax is spoiled by t
A jazzy kind of song.. :)
artist: Juliet Kelly
Uplifting vocals over a reggae-flavoured groove
artist: aeva
title: Nairobi
Easy listening jazz, alto jazz vocals, piano, yummy jazzy electric bass played by Lars, sorry about the depres
title: SATISFY
A story of my spiritual journey. Written, lived and VOCALLY Produced by Wayne Pascall. VIDEO AVAILABLE! High
title: Fugitive
Gray Martin all music, Kathy Reynolds Vocals
artist: Jay Droz
A wonderful and inspirational hymn that gives mankind insight to the kind of deep love Jesus have for us. Voca
title: Rupkar Tuzo
Queenie Fernandes-vocals, Gerard Machado-guitar, Jason Quadros-piano, Colin D'Cruz-upright bass. Lyrics by Bo
artist: HopeClarke
meant as a drunk/loaded meander- vocal jazz-ish line as a backdrop for the character "Angel" in film Three Mov
title: So Fine
A romantic 50s style Jazz standard with some nice sax. By Danny Goudreau - Michel Goudreau - SOCAN
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Trouble Is"
Upbeat Fusion Blended Funk
Solid E
Sweet To Me: if a Mercedes Benz is your preference with Corinthian leather bucket seats I got the money just say I'm your honey and be sweet to me when we're out on the town socializin' and other folks is rude to their mates throw your arms around me say you can't live without me and be sweet to me sweet to me baby yeah just be sweet to me keep them kisses comin' give me plenty of lovin' and be sweet to me my love is like a stack of hotcakes baby so pour a little syrup on me now don't that taste good I told you it would and all we have to do is be sweet sweet to me baby yeah j...
Solid E
Where There Is Love: they were two of a kind so she took him in a boy with no home his future was dim with a child in her arms why raise a kid from the streets she let her actions speak where there is love a life can be saved where there is love shines a brighter day where there is love an answer to your call where there is love there's hope for us all while he was in high school she joined the P.T.A. while he was in college she wrote him everyday she made a man of that kid from the streets she let her actions speak (repeat chorus) she passed away his saviour was gone he opened his...
Back on my Own - remastered: Just bought myself a guitar for life. A Fender Stratocaster, Mexican build, but costumized model. Brilliant pickups and really a thrill playing it, so I decided to make a remaster of the song "Back On My Own". Organ, Piano and vocals are the same, but drums, bass and guitar have been remastered. The overall sound of this "Mark Knoffler-alike" countrysong is very leaned back and .... well - smooth. Enjoy ! BestRegards Lasse...
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