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Emo rock ambient emo trap lil peep type beat! e-mail me bruh
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Cash X Beatz
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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Game & Soundtrack
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Beats General
"808 Science"
We got that HIT!! You've been looking for. Tryna get on the radio? You need beats from us.
Film Music
"Parallel Universe 2017 by Guitarboy"
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getback entertainment
Hip Hop
"2010 beat"
Beat Maker, Producers div class"coolchaser" id"94723"br brdiv class"credits" a href"" target"blank" title"Get your layout at"img src"httpwww.coolchaser.comimagesfavicons s...
The Big Shots
Hip Hop
Smooth HIPHOP track! the BIG shots
Wrokstarr Music Universe
WE LUV MUZIK: hey whtz up we luv muzik dntit if we aint gt nutn else n common we got dis ibeen goin thru alot of pagez i aint gone lie sum was good sum wont good i learnt 2 take critisim cuz my opinion iz it help makez u betta sum people tell u da truyh it whak it needz improvementz here n here then sum people juz hate dnt giva fuk wht it iz whu it iz dnt evn care then u got da muvfukaz whu jus agree wht whteva u say yea itz hot n itz not but like i said itz been alot of good sht n i wanna thank ery1 whu cum chek out my page...
cheeze boi produk
Should You Tag Your Beats?: Here's my humble opinion on beat-tagging... NEVER, EVER, EVER tag your beats! Beat tags put off too many people-- A&Rs don't like it, and artists hate it because they can't really dig in and write to the beat, as soon as they get it. Listen, when it comes down to it, a beat tag is really a marketing tool; it's a means for a producer to let it be known that they were responsible for the production. However, a beat-maker's/producer's stamp should be in their music, not a vocal tag that streams in and out of their music, with no real purpose other than to advertise that they are indeed the beat-...
Sleeping With The Industry: Thanx everybody for subscribing and listening to my Album Youngin Restless. This train does not stop I will b dropping my 2nd album Sleeping With The Industry October 31 ,2010 .......................................
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