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artist: DJ Kiwi
title: Atheist
Full Version available here:
When life has gone, party on - Dwayne
artist: Mc GNee
Dynamat Ft G:Nee this song is different to what i normally do...dynamat came to me and asked if i fancied p
artist: Andre Vezina
This is a typical Trance song with beat, a strong lead melody and punch.
artist: Osnoff
title: Via Electron
Bzzzzzz...ttt ttt ttt ttt t ttt ttt ttt t ttt t etc, etc, etc...
artist: Europica
title: Mumbai
A Psy version/variation of my Bhangra tune "Bombay Boogie".
artist: Ganimead
Recorded live in Hong Kong
artist: Digital Aura
Uplifting vocal trance featuring the soulful singing and lyrics of Ka-Je' Projek.
artist: DjBann
title: Distance
Another New track. It's a beautiful uplifting masterpiece. Enjoy!!!
artist: Griffoz
title: Rainbow
Alpha Alpha was here to.
artist: DJ ROMI
April 2018
title: Cocaine
It's not a song about doing drugs. PA is being compared to the drug! He'll take your town and make you frown.
Feelgood Trance inspired by Ibiza
artist: DJ Planet
Prituri Se Planinata (Wav-E Remix) Voice :Stellamara (Sonja Drakulich)
artist: Musan Dera
"I feel like I'm being chased through a dark alley."
artist: Contraption
"Electric Intensity" is another melodic trance track, celebrating the summer of 2013. I hope you enjoy the tra
artist: Shiva Effect
This track is not mastered - it is just a sketch
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"Hearts Beat As One"
**NEW SONG FOR February 2018** "Hearts Beat As One" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Too Frickin Loud!: I've gotten some useful comments back on "Next Trip". Apparently I compressed the hell out of it and then spun the gain dial to infinity! My production results leading up to this bombastic effort were kind of limp noodley, and I guess I overcompensated. So my apologies to any bent eardrums out there. It shall be rectified, as soon as I get over this nasty head cold. Even though everything I listen to sounds like its being filtered through silicon gel, I think I found some cool new songs for GirlSonic's Electrobeats this week. Case in point: Sanxion7's sounds can blast their way thr...
ionosonde recordings
One last step to audio ecstasy pt.2: "So Telegraphy", you might be asking your self, "what about the future of audio. All you have been talking about is my roll of toilet paper"? Well first off, I can't look in the future nor am I adept enough to do so. I'll leave that to the powers that be to tell us what we will do next for them. Secondly, if your that annal about annal wipes; get a maid to clean up after you. The advent of the synthesizer enabled complex colors of sound to be created. During the 1960's the popularity of the modular synthesizer grew exponentially. With availability and feasibility, artist and engineers rave...
Dj Cold Trance - fall from grace : ...
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