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artist: BMAS
Just listen let it build up and take you away.. they desire Vitas ...they sought him evil people the illuminat
In the UK, they've been culling badgers because farmers reckon they spread VD in cattle. Or more correctly TB,
artist: BLVV
It is the sound that mixed hard(dance)core with old skool(TB-303).142bpm
Smasy Techno Hardcore with Trance influences.
title: Feelings
feelings fly frequently, free freaks fornicate...formulas finding, freedom forever...figure forget it
title: Follow
Pulse Keyboards- James McElroy; Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals- Bob Familiar; Shuffle Drums- James Billbrou
artist: Sterile
Track from "Wake up the Door"
artist: Chilly Chick
title: Cyber Erotic
Techno Hardcore ( Duration : 2ยด53 ) ( BPM : 140 ) Female voice Mervi L. Male voice Marco Menith.
artist: DJ E.M.A
title: My Style
Hello friends, I bring you my first topic in this project I'm doing, I hope you enjoy it. Hola amigos, les tra
artist: BiL-Beatz
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artist: uber n00b
mashup of some classic oldskool / early hc/rave
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No Sunshine
New School
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"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Right About Now"
**2nd SONG FOR January 2018**Positive High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Cross-Posted at Girlsonic.com:: I was starting to get super frustrated working on three song projects at the same time, none of which were coming together, but finally last night there was a breakthrough. I heard the lead I wanted in my head and now it is immortalized in midi form. It's funny how your auditory brain can just seem empty and dry as the Saharah and then ~~~woooshh~~~ there's a thunderstorm of sound-spiration. The project is still a long long way from postable. I spent this evening (well, after a very strong G&T and a burger with my love) surfing the electronica charts on Soundclick. There is an awful...
Flowerbed: Flowerbed 1. Flowers in the flowerbeds. Gold and blue flowers in the flowerbeds. Fragrant tobacco And low marigolds. Colored tobacco, Though small gramophone pipe, And marigolds, As motley lapdogs. They are about something confer Between themselves. Probably about That soon - September. And the rain started to cry so What to subdue him. And now, You need to focus internally And bloom, not expecting praise. 2. Walk the sky Careful autumn clouds. Blossom bright autumn chrysanthemums. Small Terry chrysanthemums. White, yellow, pink And, I guess, there are various ...
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