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artist: Kopasetik
Starting from scratch...
artist: DJ Kiwi
title: 2thahauzbeat
a very dark and dirty tech-house track!
artist: DJ Shaw-t
Song done in the style of The Chainsmokers #Selfie BUT the mans version. Vocals Feat Mario Frassinelli. D
artist: vanessavc6
title: Running back
I gave myself space. I wanted it to end open-ended, to leave the listener suspended in raw emotion. "Unreadine
artist: Ganimead
title: Pumping On
A fun little piece and a Galaxy away from my usual compositions. This music is really aimed at systems with a
artist: Ascenzion
A pseudo house track recorded in 2006 from my CD "A world I Used To Know".
artist: Digital Aura
Brazilian duo, Major Pax, rock the floor with this official remix of Digital Aura's trance track 'Morning Star
House Mix 2003 when I was called DJ'PANDA
The uncensored and controversial "banned" version of the track Big $ur from the Oakland album.
Charles had a hot fantasy that was to hot for words Real Talk
artist: JDPbeats
New Single "Into The Night" Ft Steph By: JDP & Shaq D www.JDP-Studios.com Download link coming soon!!!!!
Cafe Del Mar 2013 (Ibiza Classic)
$15.00 Lease - Contact Email: MK12-Productions@gmx.de - For Questions - Join My Mailing List Above! After you
artist: Ezra Khan
Vocals taken from Raquel J available on Fl Studio. Messing around and bored.
artist: dpa versus
Its all about the house music and always will be
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(NEW) Tony Hawk
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"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Hearts Beat As One"
**NEW SONG FOR February 2018** "Hearts Beat As One" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
kope 2007
SUPERDOG: Now I¡¦m going to tell you about my most unusual experience I lived to see. One day me and my wife, were preparing to go to city center to buy some staff. We called a cab and told the driver to meet us in front of house. Our house has two floors. It is painted at yellow color, and it has four white windows on front side. And a red roof ƒº. We have two sons. Younger one, is 13 years old, and the other one is two years older. We also have a dog called Sony. He¡¦s a very funny, charming dog. So that day, we were waiting outside the house. We left kids in a sitting room to watch Sony, becau...
BongoWorm DJ / VJ / Producers: Carlos Santiago & Chizzachong went to different schools together: Only discovering their similar tastes and enthusiasm for top class tunes quite late in the day. However, Now they have joined forces to display their wares in an original/audio/visual weapon of hedonistic desire. Jump on, BongoWorm is in town
ionosonde recordings
Screaming from Sweden: My seventh attempt at trying to capture this elusive station from Sweden. On July 3rd 2011 my father and I traveled to a remote field 30 miles north of Detroit where the R.F. interference is lower. There, we set up our receiving gear which consisted of two frequency selective level meters. Every year for the past seven years we made this pilgrimage to have a listen to the worlds last operational Alexanderson Alternator transmitter. Thus far we have yet to to hear it ! ...
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