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Minute (Playboi Carti Type Beat)(BUY 1 GET 2 FREE)
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artist: xMxx
Very Slow, not as pretty as my newest song, Alone in The Dark, but its very atmospheric..this was my first try
artist: Ed Drury
Sultry collaboration from the past.
artist: SoLaRiS (GB)
Excerpt from the album 'Away Sailing' now on BANDCAMP
BE SURE TO SLIP ON THE OL' HEADPHONES!! Matthew Scott--String arrangement for "On the Heights", music/lyrics
artist: Ganimead
title: ORION
Ganimead takes the listener on a relaxing journey through the Cosmos.... Slow Peaceful Tempo - Light Suspense
artist: Magna Frisia
Loose translation : Music For A Rainy Day ( First one in a series - headphones recommended! ) Most important i
artist: Black Ice 9
title: Twilight Sea
Ambient/chillout track
Dream music as you fall into the pool of sleep remembering those things that never change.
artist: Gunnthrain
Don't Be Afraid To Experiment - PART ONE : looped, detuned and delayed piano ; PART TWO : looped, detuned and
title: The Chase
The pursuit of any goal
artist: Longo Bards
Song inspired to 'Lord of the Rings' by J.R.R. Tolkien - CD selling:
Another World awaits
Cut #3: "Chaos of Time", from the Debut, Norm Alperson Album, 'Choices' - Complex Multi-layered New Age / Amb
artist: Art Bits
title: Near the Sea
Ambient / Instrumental
artist: Thom Brennan
Opening to the 11 part 'Stories from the Forest'.
title: Nocturnal
Subdued, but smoothly continuous persussive drive with Deep Keyboard pads and overlays. Eclectic Guitar emphas
Calming Ambient/New Age piece with surreal synth textures. Tibetan Bells and atmospheric layering enhance Gran
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Nights in Berlin
New School
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"clone me now"
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"Hearts Beat As One"
**NEW SONG FOR February 2018** "Hearts Beat As One" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
NEw Song: EXISTENCIA: Ambient New song: Existence ... To listen, ready to return from a bad trip, by Estradelirius, who holds the patent on several drugs applicable in hypnotherapy. Lie on your divan and let yourself be wrapped in a cloud of atmospheric sounds that are directed to enter your unconscious state of deep relaxation.
Sweet Revenge: I feel like a machine controled by your lies You've pushed the wrong buttons so now you must die You see i was programmed to love and hate...just like you You took that away split my heart in two You trespassed in my teritory you think you know well I can change your life into my world called HELL So you better obey me or you just might get torn You better plant your bomb before i transform....
Dj Ch405
Fuck these dysfunctional, insecure actresses...: I hear they tell immigrants that there's no class system in the US... ...what a load of crap. Of course there's a class system, and I should know because I've been at the bottom of it since the day I was born. But that's not what I'm here to rag about today. No, today I want to talk about Lindsay Lohan. Apparently she's shooting a movie in my town this week. The headlines proudly proclaim that many members of the Cal Poly football and cheerleading teams have been picked to be extras in this movie, and that if you head downtown why, you might just catch a glimpse of the famous celeb...
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