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title: Cadbury Hill
Camelot . Was this King Arthur's home ? is this where it all went down, the love story's that will live foreve
artist: Axl (73)
title: Dominator9
Uptempo old skool beats and riffs with the classic 9mm and dominator vox.
Created on the Akai Professional XR20 Beat Production Station
artist: x0xb0xAcid
Hard Acid Techno track
from cd im the invisable man 2006 itunes world wide
artist: niki
vox dance track
title: Axis
Pure acid on Emx1 , Better than 303 ?? Not really , but as close as Emx1 gets for now .
artist: Adzakado
Very hard track with heavy kicks grinding bass and great slap back. Hard Trance/ Acid Trance. 2001 to 2005 so
artist: Stalker Star
title: Ninanajna
This is a remix of Elena Risteska eurovision song for Macedonia - ninanajna - but in a acidy-idm-d'n'b-hip-hop
A piece inspired by the movie "Memento." Sort of a combination between IDM, acid, and symphonic.
artist: xavicamps
title: ZAQ
artist: ivan kapec
title: gift remix
dark latin beats with melancoly guitar
artist: cogbern
title: 69
artist: 7StringJazz
Celestial Textural Mechanics. 7 String Guitar Solo. Zachary Z2-7, Kemper KPA & Eventide Eclispe.
This is a Dance track that was created back in 2000 but has been in our back issues all that time, so now we t
Have you heard this sound over your house while you trying to fall asleep? This is it!
Live at V-SO Club - Switzerland
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR OctoberNovember 2017** This time it's High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music.
Whimsical Cacaphony: Jeffrey Konrad lives and writes music in Illinois, along with several of his personalities. His Alts have spunky names like Nigel Jeffrey, eggspout and Robot USA. And they all produce indie-pop-electronica that sounds familiar and unsettling, in the same way that Grimm's fairy tales are familiar and unsettling to children everywhere. Let's run through a case study: "Osh Kosh" plays like Beck riding the ferris wheel at Coney Island, after a handful of 'ludes More on GirlSonic.com....
I Am An Exit/Polar: From 2006 on Funque Droppings, Irish man Brendan Gregoriy aka Chymera mixing IDM melodies to minimal sounds with great result. Christian Bloch is also closing it off elegantly with a stunning remix. www.archive.org/details/fud008
Tunde Akinsanmi
ATTENTION ATTENTION AT EASE Tunde Speaks to the fans: Tunde Akinsanmi - NativeBoy Press Release Tunde Akinsanmi – NativeBoy, former band member of Styl-Plus speaks out and addresses his fans. “Hello to all NativeBoy fans and Styl-Plus fans around the world. I’d personally like to say thank you to all my fans for your overwhelming support and love for our music over the past 10 years. It’s been a wonderful and revealing journey being aStyl-Plus band member and i wish them all the very best. Our Creative differences have lead to me to pursue a different journey with my music as NativeBoy. This New musical journey as NativeBoy is just the ...
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