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artist: Evan Paul
(Vocal) An emotional soulful ballad of a rocky relationship. Booberry was her nickname.
John Pfeifer - vocal, acoustic & electric guitars; Matthew Scott - Synths, drums, piano, lyrics & music;
Written in 1989 with thoughts of getting back in the music recording after 15 year absence from the business.
artist: Bellegante
title: Lost
Back in the Music Room.
artist: David James
Wherever You Are is a collaboration between David James and Nicole McKenzie. Music by Todd Duncan. Produced by
artist: Bodiemusic
Kelly Sines - Lyrics, Vocals, Melody Bodie - Guitars, Ukulele, Vocals, Drums.. 11-14-17 Mastered with wavefor
artist: jim blachura
little pop ditty based on Psalm 11
title: Only Human
Acceptance and forgiveness in the face of life's advesities. Dark verses transition to the feel-good country-r
Longing for yesterday keeps us from living in today. Acoustic/folk/rock/country flavored
artist: Brett Clark
There aren't many around anymore! The genuine, born and bred cowboys!
A Great Common Sense Song Of Compassion And Understanding Regarding Others!
This song is somewhere between bluegrass and blues. Recorded in the basement on 30-Dec-05. See us play it live
This is a song from my early days of writing that I had started and not finished So I thought while it was co
Elliott John VanSicklin... My song writing buddy.:) I hand-played all parts on my keyboard and sang all vocals
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Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Tomas David Hood
In the Studio - Today!: Working on finishing "Summer Winds", today, in the studio. It is a balmy 38 degrees outside, in contrast with the below freezing temperatures we've been having. But it is rainy and dreary. Studio time seems much more inviting. Today is MUSIC day! If all goes well, the song will be posted... keep your ears ready!
Campfire Gal
Go into the Land of Benjamin: Go into the Land of Benjamin I feel a little depressed this morning. Maybe that¡¯s because of homesick, the school this semester will be finished soon, I am very grateful being here, really enjoy teaching English and the relationship with the staff and students here. I have been very open to them and willing to share my life with them. The Lord reminded me to build relationship with the people here before coming here, that¡¯s why I contribute a lot of time to build the relationship with them. But now nostalgia came to visit me, what is nostalgia? Oh¡­Last night, the wind is strong, though i...
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