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CANADA is celebrating it's 150th Anniversary in 2017. This is a song sung in both French & English about Canad
artist: Bellegante
title: Lonely Road
Tryin' to find the right road to the end.
artist: Gene Dawson
A song for Veterans and their struggles.
artist: Cosmos II
A humorous country-style ballad based on a pun. The song was written to sing at parties.
artist: tjwaysongs
Artists Add this Song to your Next Album Release- We are Cmrra Members (acc # 579580) (e-mail TJWay) tjwaymusi
Country song about an Outlaw who has to pay for the life he has led.
artist: David James
title: I Want You
Lyrics by David James - Music by David James & Ted Tomiuk - Vocals by Tim Buppert 2004 -David James, Ted Tomi
A rendition of a Glen Campbell recording, written by Jimmy Webb.
Slow "feel-good" song about home-life
Produced by Tammy Swindell who created the musical arrangement and performed the harmonies, mixing and masteri
This song is song of dedication that could be sung at a wedding by the betrothed.... Female Vocals by 'Lekzee
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New School
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Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Vonee Rose Music
"Red Wine & Honky Tonk Lies"
Songwriter who writes most of her own music and records in her home studio using a keyboard and computer programs Enjoys cowriting with other artist Queen of Country Heartache was cowritten with Juanita Ford...
triple ggg
We are losing our most valuable resources: Am I speaking of oil? No. Money? No again. Wealth? Fame? Land? No to all. They are our children. How many children are missing or exploited in the world is staggering. Even on this site, I have seen young people posting pictures and information that could leave them in a position to be exploited. What can a parent or guardian due to help? Place the family computer in a common area, rather than a child's bedroom. Also, monitor their time spent online and the websites they've visited. The National Center for missing and Exploited Children is a great place to start! You can find helpful informat...
Campfire Gal
Not just a Story------Because He Lives,all Fear is Gone: Not just a Story -------Because He Lives, all Fear is Gone My teacher Joe told me a story, it is a true story. This is why he believes that there is a spiritual invisinable world. His teacher was a beautiful and cool lady when he was a student of the middle school. She was the daughter of the principal of the school. she is also a mysterious lady. Once Joe and the other two guys were called to the teacher¡¯s house for meeting. They noticed a golden sword hanging on the wall. They asked to take a look. The teacher take down the sword and showed it to them. Joe touched the sword, the body of ...
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