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artist: Kurt Griffey
featuring Red Marlow on lead vocals
artist: MyndsEye
Thx to Lee Gipson, Hot Skillet Music, Nashville for the session. Thx to David James for the lyric collab. Voca
This song was our first release as "The Rainvilles" on Red Leaf label in 1967. It reached No. 1 in Canada and
artist: Cosmos II
title: No Right
People often fall in love with someone who are already attached. But our emotions don't tend to honor such con
artist: DC SpaceDog
title: Thankful
A country pop song paying homage to the true meaning of Thanksgiving
artist: Bellegante
Been away a bit to long, out on the road.
Here's one we found that you may not have heard. We had fun singing with the big orchestra.
A story about a special time, in a special place and keeping the dream alive...
Sad song about a guy who's girlfriend is run down and killed by a drunken driver, sad, but not everyone's Chr
artist: tjwaysongs
Artists Add this Song to your Next Album Release- Members (acc # 579580) (e-mail TJWay) tjwaymusic@x
artist: David James
Yellow Brick Road is a collaboration between David James and SoundClick artist, DeAnn Sanders. Produced by Lee
A song about a sweet modern day girl who flies off the handle about the simplest of things
A upbeat love song I wrote in 1982 and had been played on and off with my first band back in the mid-80s but r
Intro by the late Lynn Samuels of WBAI, WABC and Serious Radio
title: Hey Baby
A mix of 60s pop/rock and country. Think : The Wonders - "That Thing You Do"
artist: TenHut
title: Megan
Old friend offers advice to abused woman, and...
artist: Haven Head
When you are feeling good, like I do, you roll with life and enjoy. Two Gruver Brand Raritan Guitars guitar t
A spandex driven anthem.
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Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Vonee Rose Music
"Red Wine & Honky Tonk Lies"
Songwriter who writes most of her own music and records in her home studio using a keyboard and computer programs Enjoys cowriting with other artist Queen of Country Heartache was cowritten with Juanita Ford...
Buddy Lee McCartney
Getting started on mysoundclick page. : Hello to all my new friends and my friends i haven't seen yet wanna thank ya'llso much for all the nice comments and such i'll return the favor good luck in all ya do BUddy Lee
triple ggg
Freedom and 9/11: Freedom. What does it mean to you? In the United States we have many freedoms. Of the greatest freedoms are freedom of speech and religion. We may not always agree with what others say or what they believe spiritually. But I would never take those freedoms away. With the remembrance of September 11, 2001 soon upon us take time to deeply think about your life and the freedoms you have. Again I would like to post a song that really embodies what I am saying: Paul Mccartney - Freedom Lyrics (McCartney) This is my right A right given by God To live a free life To live in freedom ...
maria daines
Please speak up to save the Wild Horses of America!: Dear all, on Thursday 25th March, Paul and I attended the UK rally to speak up for the wild horses of USA at the American Embassy in London. It is estimated there may be as few as 15,000 Mustangs left and the Bureau of Land Management in US, is rounding them up and just stockpiling them in holding pens, telling the public of USA that they are starving. The fact is they are healthy and many are in foal, sadly the round ups, carried out by helicopter, traumatizes the horses so much that many don't make it and 79 have died as a result of this horrendous activity that the government is not prev...
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