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Welcome to International Championship Dominoes... Get ready to fumble with those little bricks...
artist: Rick Jones
The was the first of many spots I did for radio.
Estoy muy contento, por fin regreso a casa - Arkady Ostrovsky; Con te partiro - Francesco Sartori, Lucio Quara
artist: JoshPranks
Do you like this? It's new so shut up.
La granja es en realidad una version libre de un anuncio de los noventa de La granja de playmobil. Poblemas co
artist: JoshPranks
Another backpage hooker call about BUTT PLUGS!
artist: acomplexkid
title: Late Again
The story of my life
artist: JoshPranks
I call a guy off craigslist selling this dumb gun.
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Kvinnor och barn: Naer det har varit nagot attentat i en buss eller sa, sa saeger de alltid nagot i stil med "33 dog varav flera kvinnor och barn". Varfoer naemns alltid dessa tva grupper saerskillt? Aer det mer hemskt naer ett barn eller en kvinna doer aen naer en man doer? Aer maen mindre vaerda alltsa? Tydligen. Detta aer ju diskriminering! Jag har aldrig hoert att "33 dog, varav flera maen". Daer fick du nagot att taenka pa.
Revenant the Sequel
This is Halloween and I'm the Pumpkin King: At this time of year I alway get a bit busy. For over 20 years now I've been designing costumes, creating FX Make-Up, and acting as a consultant for people who want to have a great Halloween costume but don't have the time to get one or are afraid they do not have the creativity to make one work. Making molds for latex pieces, painting the finished product, drawing patterns and writing directions on how to apply, take off, touch up, etc. I tend to be busy from the end of September all the way to early November. I try to have my clients do their own application and dressing as it takes up a to...
Revenant the Sequel
A Very Sad Tale Part I: Hello, I want you all to know that I love all my friends here dearly and I thank you all for helping me battle the little injustices of life, but this last week I am afraid, we lost the war. Beginning January 5th, I will no longer be able to post my blogs first here to SC. I have a contract which will be sure to be amended to "entice" me to post my blogs on another, more blog heavy or socially adventured site... or worse yet, to a literary or horror only site. I may repost to other sites afterwards, but the lag time will AT LEAST BE 1-4 WEEKS OR MAYBE LONGER! How could this happen? Why? For...
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