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Parody of Womanzier about, well, a Chubby Chaser
artist: Cosmos II
Song in Russian about a typical bureaucrat who acts like a tsar in his own little world
This is a medley of the third song parody collection, "Again? Seriously?" To order, visit http://resurrectedru
artist: James Speedy
Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at:
The ballad of Lance Armstrong from way before the fall. Sprung from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Mary Ja
artist: Envs
The equivalent of turning Charlie's Chocolate Factory into a drug house.
artist: Primatus
By Lubke Seid, and John Dominique.. enjoy
artist: Insane Ian
While Ke$ha's song "TiK ToK" extols the love one slut has for a night of drinking, parties and clubbing, conve
artist: Mike Gritt
Baba Booey Song Parody Contest - Finalist
title: Nintendo 64
A tribute to the classic old-school video game system. A parody of the Beatles' 'When I'm 64', complete with M
Parody Re-write of ELP's "Lucky Man" skewering the decade of Hair Metal!!
artist: Max DeGroot
O Little Town Of Bethlehem isn't the only Christmas Carol that fits...
artist: Zone Beats
Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross & Waka Flocka Freestyle Prod. By Zone Beatz. Watch here: ht
title: Incidental
#3 on's Goth Alternative Charts. Going to the Dentist is always a good time. What better topic
artist: Paul Kington
This is about a man from the city of Bristol in the west of England.....cider me up, landlord!!!
artist: Medemia
title: Bill Shatner
Parody of O.A.R. song, "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)".
artist: Odd Austin
title: Taco Bell
Parody of The All-American Rejects hit song 'Gives You Hell'.
Parody to Nickelback's Rockstar looking at the slightly less glamourous side
artist: Mark Hawkins
My silly little version of the birthday song.
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Hip Hop
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david a briggs
New photo's in my locality and near-by area: A few photo's of my local area (West Yorkshire). It's not all derelict wool mills and decaying, abandoned coal mines. The river Wharfe at Bolton Abbey is one of my favourite places. The 'Strid' is where the river is forced into a very small gully between the rocks. it's very narrow but deep and with powerful under-currents. You think you could jump across it, but don't even try . . . The other photo is of a sculpture on the beach at Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The light has caught it just right. I took this one at Easter. hope you like them....
Revenant the Sequel
No One Gets Out Of Here Unscathed...: Hello, I know I've been letting everyone down lately: not blogging as often as I have; several half-ass jobs on the more recent ones; and, worst of all, I have the fictional interview I promise I will continue yet haven't. First off, the fictional interview WILL be finished and I hope to continue it as soon as I am up to it. I do listen to my friends and fans and I WANT to write it (I stopped when I stopped, that's how I write. I have no clue where I will take it but the story will drive itself and I'll be along on the ride just as you are. The difference is I'm in the front passenger seat an...
Revenant the Sequel
Remembering My Dad...: November 17, 2002. The day will always be on my mind. On that cold November day my Dad went to the hospital to have a "simple procedure." The Doctors were sure he would be able to return home the next day. The left carotid artery was to be cleared from build up of cells that could lead to a stroke. He had the right carotid done the previous month but had suffered a minor stroke immediately afterward that affected his speech. Even knowing this did not deter the Doctor from doing the exact same procedure without taking more precautions. The idea of putting the surgery off for a time was against ...
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