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Written & played by Guido Kaemmerling & The Guido K. Group. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG
artist: Faunaserene
I am astounded at the way Ive been playing these days...Im getting a kind of lilty feel on keys Ive never know
artist: DairyBeat
Free*(c) DairyBeat 2004 B.T. in D. Vocals: SANDRA OTTO, Zaandam, NL; Lead Guitar: PETER TELJEUR, Purmerend, NL
artist: Alan L Cole
Jammin' to backer track "Fusion Groove".
Christian blues story about a friend of mine playing at the Sunday Breakfast Mission and a guy came up to chal
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Instrumentals :: Pop
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Yes! I'm rockin' Again! And loving X1!: It's been a wonderful couple days, having finally gotten back to what I must do...I just finished "WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD...WITH SUNSHINE" and also uploaded "INVASION", a beautifully disturbing song posing the question...are we cattle being farmed and led to slaughter by our hidden "corporate" masters from afar... being an avid reader of sci fi for decades, I must pose the question... it's a lovely piano and voice emo tune that strikes a chord deep within me as it almost brings me to tears at times. HOWEVER, the real opportunity is "SUNSHINE" which I'm really happy about. It was done on the...
50?: Well it seems I’ll be turning 50 next month. I’m not really excited or depressed (any more than usual anyway) about that fact; it’s just a fact. But it has given me pause to reflect some...for better or worse. There’s a good many regrets I have in my life and I do tend to constantly dwell on them in the back of my mind. Hind sight is 20/20 of course but I have had a tendency to get “talked into” things that I know are wrong for me but I do them avoid conflict I suppose...”coward” would be the one word summation of my life I guess. Obviously not something to be proud of but if ...
Tony , Beebe and I 's Drummer in '88' he totally rocks: ...
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