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title: Ice Queen
Alternative Music, R&B, Hip Hop
A tapestry of sonic textures to delight your mind, and body. Victor Salazar on drums.
title: Circles
This is the most personal songs we've written. It has a lot to do with feeling like we're so useless and we d
title: Ballad in G
Instrumental guitar ballad with no frills and a percussive background. Relax and enjoy.
artist: Austn
title: So Sorry
Emo- Jazzy- Moody song full of Emotion and Xpression...
artist: Nimrod Fox
A punk rock family band stops by Nimrod's place for Xmas and naturally a Christmas carol breaks out. New lyric
title: Bedbugs
new song
artist: Reaction 7
title: Summer Days
Summer Days from the Reaction 7 Everyday Problems album
Dedicated to a true friend of mine! Authentic and emotional, based on piano and percussion drive...
artist: Real Tru'z
title: Fading Away
when we going thru it, sometimes we feel like we're fading away. this song is from our heart & experience. f
song about leaving and lost
artist: Faunaserene
youll wanna crank this .........Im excited to write lyrics and sing it....I added sax on my keys.....and I pla
artist: Vastman
I've been caring for my mom for 5 months and finally had an evening to sit down and just vamp an extemporaneou
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: Voyager- 2
Rock Balled--Lyrics by Carol Garcia... Vocals & music By Ray Garcia...Sorry it took so long for me to put the
From the album, "The Destruction Of Something Beautiful". ANOTHER beautifully wicked Karmabend Dub!!!! another
artist: Andra Govere
Evil song with very dark vibes and scary piano, it might even freak u out a bit.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
The Electronic Aftermath: Musically the next Patrick Lew's Band album by myself will consist of all original tracks and music I composed and created during 2009. It's going to be a weird one. I guess it's going to be a more mature Patrick Lew's Band recording. But it's gonna be a mix of styles and various sounds. It's likely going to be an Electronic Aftermath, considering all the music on the new album will contain NO electronically created sounds of music off a computer or Fruity Loops and none of that. It's gonna be stripped down Punk and Hard Rock basically with guitars, drums and my screaming vocals. I dunno when ...
Bandalism Wasteland: Your Audio 2 Riot. Patrick Lew's NEW Band. An Asian guy making Grunge music at home and promoting it on MySpace and other websites online like it was still 1994 on modern technology such as his guitar, Line6 and computers. Your Audio 2 Riot is me as the Internet musician. I promote my truckload of demos on many websites via Internet and play guitar and make Grunge music like my idols Silverchair did. It's just me playing the musical instruments and recording them on my computer laptop, pretending it was still 1995 in culture and alternative rock music. I am Patrick Lew, and this is my o...
Patrick Lew Band 3.0 under construction...: Me and my two jokers in Antioch are gonna start a Christian grunge band. It's gonna be Version 3.0 of the Patrick Lew Band. Yup. Patrick
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