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Original 2008 Vocals by: Kenny Ireland KIP Produced and Music by: Kenny Ireland KIP
artist: john vaughan
Song about a mystical Island or a dream perhaps?
artist: Neil Cotton
more precious as we lose it...
artist: Tim Gainer
an acoustic version of a song to be featured on Tim's upcoming album, "Honor Among Thieves"...coming soon!
artist: Peter Hall
A true story song about the execution of a distant relative. It was known in Scotland as "the killing times".
artist: DNA Codex
I recorded this one recently as "Reaching The Eschaton" and this is my new version!
artist: john vaughan
Folk romantic song with a mandolin intro
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Lex Zaleta
Acoustic :: Acoustic Folk
An acoustic Alzheimer's lament
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
eshop coop
eShop Co-op Searches for Stars: The Business community is still 75% of all internet traffic, we just started a brand new business listing page, and invite all artists to participate. Free profiles as easy to set-up as a MySpace Bulletin, park your flash player and place menu links back to your SoundClick page and digital mp3 sales. Hope to "see" you over there, please add us up here too ...
russell st george
The first Second Saturday Jam of 2014 hosted by St.George and Friends: Thanks go out to all who were there last night players and patrons alike. I left my list at Joe's so I will try to remember the players, lets see... Jake Benedict, Jerry Kitzrow, Al Green, The Flurries, Richard Aparicio, Tom Dillon, Bob ? on Bass, Michael Randolph, Seth Masten, Mitch Florian, Leah Quinn, Charlie Adams, Bill Smith, a guitar player that I don't remember name at all sorry, Nick Armada, William Paschall, the band HOT PIZZA, Fred Andreassi, John ?, Storm ?, The FAMZ, Paul Montalvo, Shane Alessandro Scarazzini, Joseph S Lena, Harry Lawrence, Alex Kelly, Glenn Sacchi and to the best ...
UK and Europe: When Britain decided in the 1970s to join the then called EEC, it's a known fact that a few Australian and New Zealand farmers put a shotgun to their heads as the acquisition of new British Trading Partners destroyed them! Yeah, these were our own people who had fought alongside us in North Africa in WW2 and had immediate family ties with Britain. Well I voted against joining then and voted for leaving in 2016. There were also Caribbean and African businesses that suddenly had lost trade with Britain; members of our Commonwealth. So no Customs Union deal for us Prime Minister May. Time to star...
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