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title: Summer Rain
my unplugged cover of the James Hendricks(not Jimi Hendrix) song from 1969 that the fantastic Johnny Rivers ha
Maurice Albert. Originally Louis Gaste. (Enjoy!)
artist: SisterSongs
Bud Cozean as Emile de Becque in South Pacific - 1970s...
My unplugged cover of the 1965 protest song written by a then 19 year old P.F. Sloan-it hit number 1 on the Bi
snippet of a cover I'm working on of the classic song by the 77s
(Irving Berlin - "Annie Get Your Gun") Played live on synthesised theatre organ (smile!)
artist: The Soloist
title: Ako'y Sa Iyo
A classic ballad by a local band called First Circle.
My version of a Bee Gees classic. 1967.
Interpretation of a cover song by Chad and Jeremy
My unplugged cover of the 1964 hit song by British duo Chad And Jeremy- I met them once at a show in the Bosto
My unplugged cover of the great Al Stewart song from 1978-good song for the ending of one year and beginning o
artist: Paraxy'z
This is my take on French Christmas song "Petit papa Noel"
artist: monsterpop
title: Caledonia
Here is the latest production from the monsterpop Penthouse Music Factory;-) my version of a song that i love
Solo acoustic guitar rendition of the Mothers of Invention song.
artist: Jim Erchul
Original: Chris Stapleton
my 12-string acoustic cover of the great George Harrison song from All Things Must Pass album- 1971.
title: Foolish Love
My unplugged cover of the great Moody Blues song from the 1999 "Strange Times " album.
title: New Horizons
My unplugged cover of the great Moody Blues song from the 1972 Seventh Sojourn album.
artist: BigDaddyDex
Strange Brew. Recorded at Casey's sometime in the early to mid 90's. Dex, Doc and Cutter
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
ROCK ON !!!! johnnyzguitar 2009: " I Don't Listen" # 1 ROCK SONG/ARTIST 250,000 plus hits in past 60 days WOW!!!!!! THANKS -- SOUNDCLICK, TUNES FOR YOU RECORDS, and all my FANS !!!!!! U R KICKA_S !!! ROCK ON !!!!! johnnyzguitar
Sister Phyllis
Thank God for a Loving Mother: Thank God for a Loving Mother by Bobby G. Richardson In this Bible study it is my hope to honor my mother and all loving mothers, past and present. In some cases, it takes leaving home and/or becoming a parent, before a person appreciates, or understands, what good parents they were blessed to have. Not meaning to take anything away from a good father, but a loving mother is priceless and very precious. And, because a mothera€™s love dates back further than onea€™s memory can go, I guess a mothera€™s love is probably the closest thing to Goda€™s love that our limited minds can grasp. ...
Sad News: Words by Bobby and Marc of 3Fuzed : We are sending you this message as you were listed as one of Mellosonic's friends here on SoundClick. You might have already heard, but we are sad to inform you that Chris J. Brown(aka Mellosonic) passed away on September 23rd. We were friends with Chris and found him a welcoming spirit. Last year we started an online band with Chris, "3Fuzed", and worked on several ideas that we are sharing with you now. We were planing on releasing this material at a later date, but our plans have been sadly changed. We have decided to post all our songs...
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