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artist: Aj-Seres
title: Igra
Aj-Seres - Igra
artist: DuPunktoKvin
A bit of flamenco done the MIDI way...
Chords E - A - D on Taylor acoustic
artist: Viking Blues
Attempt at DADGAD composition of a Scots hue. Vintage VE2000GG acoustic guitar. Recording a mix of Zoom H4n in
artist: Viking Blues
Improv in DADGAD. But bottle cut to end of left hand index finger and arthritic joints in pinkie means only 2
title: Nothing Song
A Nothing Song. Won't you now just sing along. This is for Wicky Ricardo Pankratz. The chords are G-Em-C-D, wi
This is an acoustic rock track
artist: Jim Erchul
title: Idaho
Original: BoDeans
artist: daveshannon
title: Crowdieknowe
A fun song about the day of resurrection in a Scottish graveyard.
artist: daveshannon
A gentle pastoral song
artist: Aj-Seres
title: Zizn
Zizn - Aj-Seres
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Rosie Clare
Letting Go: This poem is about a Mother who is finally letting go of her grown child who has gone down the wrong path. Her nights are long and filled with worry. She is up till dawn. She bargains with God her final plea. Most parents have had one (or many) of these nights. It’s so hard to let go…. Letting Go She lays in bed and Prays to God To keep him safe from harm Her heart it aches intense with fear It causes her alarm. The night winds call and shake her dreams. And rustle up some tears. She wants to take him in her arms And guide him through the years. It’s time he builds his life...
russell st george
October 13th's JAM: Thanks to all who played last night it was a great crowd and great performances by everyone!!!! the musicians were Shane Alessandro Scarazzini guitar, Harley Fine guitar and vocals, William Paschall drums, Jimmy Brogan bass guitar, Jim Donohue vocals and guitar, Bryan Ainsworth bass guitar, Harry Lawrence vocals and guitar, Jim Bellmund vocals and keyboard, David Balogh harmonicas, Charlie Adams vocals and guitar, Jake Benedict vocals and guitar, Tom Dillon guitar, Roberta Roberts vocals and guitar, George Lanza guitar, Jerry Kitzrow vocals and guitar and of course the finest house band in t...
Gabe Stenziano
Never Be Mine Again: Did this a while back with Mike Bennett. this redo has a new arrangement, some new chords, and i tried my best to improve the vocals. thanks to Mike for getting this one started. also, thanks to the master masterer, Brett Service, who once again has done great work.
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