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 Indie Bands - A to Z     ("T" bands shown)
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T Alan  (Alternative:Indie)
 My current stuff is drum-n-bass, nu-jazz & ambient. However, the stuff I'm sharing here will be showcasing old production work for local singer-songwrighters, as well as my old solo productions work which were piano/keyboard-based.
T Dawn  (Alternative:Indie)
Table for Tears  (Alternative:Indie)
 Howdy Folks...We're Table for Tears and we are awesome. We are also very sarcastic. But anyways, come visit our website and then listen to our music and see if u dig it. You just might...
Tabloid Soundtrack  (Alternative:Indie)
 Electro Folk Rock: Great Songs, Guitars, and Beats
Tad and the One Two Three's  (Alternative:Indie)
 emo, indie, hardcore, rap, rock, screamo,punk
TAILGATE  (Alternative:Indie)
Tailspin Recovery  (Alternative:Indie)
 TSR is a quartet based out of Tampa, Florida. Our goal is to escape the monotonies of living in a corporate world by creating noise with unadulterated vigor, and doing so independently.
takipsilid  (Alternative:Indie)
Tall Men Group  (Alternative:Indie)
 Marty Axelrod: Keyboards lead and bk Vox Severin Browne: acoustic guitar, lead and bk Vox Jeff Kossack: percussions, acoustic lead and bk Vox John Stowers: acoustic, lead and bk Vox Ed Tree: electric guitar lead Vox Jimmy Yessian:acoustic, lead and
Tally Marks  (Alternative:Indie)
tammie roberts  (Alternative:Indie)
 this is a recording band
TAMMSAARE  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie, Folk, Emo, Indie Rock, Sadcore, Melancore, Bob Dylan, Jukka Leppilampi, Arvo Pärt, Iain Archer, Jose Gonzalez, Coldplay, Damien Rice, The Violet Burning, Red House Painters, This Beautiful Mess, Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy, Lampshade, At The Close ..
Tan Sister Radio  (Alternative:Indie)
Tangemeenie  (Alternative:Indie)
 Musical chameleons Tangemeenie produce infectious DIY indie pop in a wide range of styles and genres.
Tangled Old Men  (Alternative:Indie)
 I (Ezra) wrote quite a few songs and never did more with them then play in my spare time alone. I shown my uncle some sketch recordings and it all kind of just fell together
TApe invaders  (Alternative:Indie)
 DIY Indie Pop
Tape Machine  (Alternative:Indie)
Tarbox23  (Alternative:Indie)
 Lennon meets New Order, Joy Division meets Echo & The Bunnymen for Cure fans? Or just New England Indie Pop...
Taupe Ferrari  (Alternative:Indie)
TAWN  (Alternative:Indie)
 Playing gigs in and around the Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester areas, the band have started to collect a following of fans. Headlining at Coventry's premier live music venue The Jailhouse on numerous occasions, as well as other venues such as Th..
Taylor Sickler  (Alternative:Indie)
Tea Blanket  (Alternative:Indie)
Team Todd  (Alternative:Indie)
 Team Todd, Indie Rock, music, teen bands, sweet site
teardropcity  (Alternative:Indie)
Ted Myerson  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
 Ted Myerson has been producing music with positive intentions for 25 years spanning many different styles but all containing a loving message. His music is endlessly reaching into new fresh musical landscapes painting images with mastery of composition.
teddy boy  (Alternative:Indie)
Teenage TV Terrorists  (Alternative:Indie)
 When we were young we knew this city better than we do now. We climbed it wide eyed and arms outstretched because it was our playground, but time has passed and now it is nothing more than a graveyard for half forgotten memories. The bridges that w..
Teenager  (Alternative:Indie)
Teeth Creaks  (Alternative:Indie)
 Ever changing line-up.It can be only one voice and one guitar or an complex ochestra.
Telebong  (Alternative:Indie)
Telephone Booth  (Alternative:Indie)
 Love and Robots, electro clash
temasistanbul  (Alternative:Indie)
Templeton(RSA)  (Alternative:Indie)
 So here we are...Templeton showcases the talent of Michael Charles Dirksen(songwriter/producer) The music comes from a spiritual place rather than a"look at me I wanna be famous" attitude. Having said that, these songs need to be shared with the world..
tenia  (Alternative:Indie)
Terrence McNulty  (Alternative:Indie)
 Terrence's flash fiction "The Camel Jumper" is published at Postcard Shorts. He is a screenplay reader and judge for the Atlanta Film Festival. Terrence graduated Full Sail University's Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program.
terrorturbo  (Alternative:Indie)
 techno pop, sad pop music, iceland, sigur rós, low, m83, joy division, kraftwerk, the smiths, the arcade fire, new order, tindersticks, doves, elbow, cyann & ben, sufjan stevens, the knife, mogwai, ladytron, placebo, radiohead, the human league, ma..
TERYN GEANNA  (Alternative:Indie)
Test Tube  (Alternative:Indie)
Tex  (Alternative:Indie)
 Synth driven ambient folk.
Tex Winters  (Alternative:Indie)
 post post rock indie style with an emphasis on scenester fingerpicking and acid phish on drugs...ahahahah. Lo-fi old country/folk scene stomping with alligators and pirates
Texas is the Coalition  (Alternative:Indie)
 Texas is the Coalition is a good old fashioned rock band who will tug on your heart strings by the time your done, whether playing a ballad or a shout along scream fest yelling at all those who have managed to piss you off.
Texas Never Whispers  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie, Texas Never Whispers, Lo-Fi, Alternative
Texas Willie  (Alternative:Indie)
tfaduh  (Alternative:Indie)
Th3 Reunion  (Alternative:Indie)
 Th3 Reunion is an Indonesian indie rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia, formed in 2004. The band consists of Al Syandra Maris (lead vocal and bass guitar), Tommy Erlangga (guitar) and Alde Sinaga (drums).
thank you mr keating  (Alternative:Indie)
 um.... you do it for me. i call it cross fidelity, the utilization of both hi and lo-fi.
Thank You Stranger  (Alternative:Indie)
thanning  (Alternative:Indie)
that strange red afternoon  (Alternative:Indie)
 Indie, Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard, Rocky Votolato, Bob Dylan, Built to Spill, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Drake, Elton John, Billy Joel, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Doug Martsch, Jawbreaker, Waxwing, Jets to Brazil, Margo..
The 99 Cent Wonder  (Alternative:Indie)

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