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 Rock Bands - A to Z     ("P" bands shown)
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P and H  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
P Factor  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Rock, Classic, Guitar, bass, Vocal
P MNKY  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
P o r e  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 PopRock music with progressive touch
P Viviani  (Rock:Rock General)
P-boy n' Company  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Progressive rock band. Lots of electric and acoustic riffs mixed over edgy vocals. Influences include Led Zep, Beatles, Weezer, Incubus.
P-Kulor Sma  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 P-Kulor Små , PKS , Åsaka , Organrock , Könsrock , Onkel Kånkel
P-Nebulux  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
P.B.S Jams  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
P.G. SHY  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
p007  (Rock:Classic Rock)
P4  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
pa-siente  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
Pablo Gilberto  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
pablo girondo  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
Pablo Naydon  (Rock:Rock General)
 Pablo Naydon All instruments and vocals by Pablo Naydon. Still ... no band at this time Only Pablo Naydon Other bands in which Pablo has played drums. ALAKRAN INSOMNIA DEVENIR OCONNOR
PABLO OLIVAS  (Rock:Rock General)
Pablo Paradela  (Rock:Classic Rock)
PABLO TROVADOR  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 compositor Quiteno con profundo amor por la musica , basado en hechos y vivencias va componiendo sus canciones con un mensaje social influenciado desde muy chico por el rock la trova el folclore y la musica protesta latinoamericana su creacion es obra de
Pablo Ximenes  (Rock:Classic Rock)
pablomotta  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 song of Rock in spanish
pac112  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
pacca  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Pacific Salad  (Rock:Rock General)
Pacific Theater  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Pacifica  (Rock:Rock General)
 A multi-genre inexperienced band from Southampton. rookie
pack mentality  (Rock:Rock General)
 having fun and playing
Packard Forbes  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
Packer  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
PacManiaTic  (Rock:Punk)
Paco Dominguez  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
pacto ficcional  (Rock:Rock General)
Pacto Luna  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
Padded Cell (UK)  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Paddle Out  (Rock:Surf Rock)
 Ska with Surf and Reggae added into it.
Padraig Devers  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 I play guitar, write and compose music for fun mainly. Do a little bit of soundtracky stuff with synths etc.. but I mainly stick to guitar and a few other bits. I also play in a classic rock cover band which is fun even if it pays fuck all.
paengkee  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Pagan Invention  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Pagan Scythe  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
PAGANSAGE  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 inverting the dominant paradigm with acoustic-folk-rock for the thinking masses; grab a fork and take a bite...
Pagasys  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 We are a progressive/pop/rock group with many roots and influences, diverse and interesting musical tastes. Our music is exciting, reflective, bright, moody, dark, hopeful and moving. Hear the new album "Shadows at Twilight" on CD Baby.
Page Tree  (Rock:Rock General)
 Chemistry of different genres.
Paging Angel  (Rock:Rock General)
 Rock duo.
Pagoda and the Baumers  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
Paige Espo  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Pailface Boogie  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Take the Grateful Dead add some Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, Parliament, and of corse some Neil Young. Shake it up and have some Boogie.
PAIN FACTORY  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 PainFactory is a creative conglomerate of Music. The work of one person to expand their audience, motivation, and creativity. This being so, the effort to find the most basic of 'equipment' to express said muse is equally important to PainFactory.
Painbrouwer  (Rock:Punk)
 Nihilistic grindcore without compromise
Painful Tragedies  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Good soft kinda songs for the ladies but also good heavy metal instrumental.
Painfully Honest  (Rock:Rock General)
 Just making music that rocks and/or moves the soul.

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