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o FiveSkin  (Rock:Rock General)
O for 2  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
O MANIFESTO  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
O No Right Now  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 an eclair to the ears
O Recording  (Rock:Rock General)
O'Trutx  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 Rock gamberro des de Mallorca. Aquí trobaràs un auto-homenatge que ens feim 5 anys després de la disolució de la banda
OAFCORE  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
oajh  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
OAK  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 The band able to coagulate fresh and creative courses of world-psychedelic Rock with the maniacal revitalization of Jethro Tull's legendary years.
Oak Tree (band)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Greatness in instrument playing form.
Oak Tree Worship  (Rock:Christian Rock)
 Passionate, powerful, guitar-driven worship from Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship in West London, UK. Intensity and intimacy shed light on God's eternal nature and His closeness.
Oakland Av  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Oakman's Dreamland  (Electronic:Experimental Sounds)
 Powerful Instrumental, Fantasy inspirated New Age with Ambient, Progressive Electronic, Ethereal, Bittersweet, Hypnotic, Calm & Peaceful tunes with a powerful Cathedral Atmosphere. There are also elements of gothic rock and heavy metal tunes involv..
Oakwood  (Rock:Rock General)
oanda1027  (Rock:Rock General)
Oatmeal Stout  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
OBAID  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
 OBAID- The artist & the producer of the hit albums Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2.
Obdewlla X  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Obee's Band  (Rock:Rock General)
Oberhofer  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
obijuan  (Pop:Power Pop)
 Explosive Latin Pop Rock Dance
Objecks  (Rock:Rock General)
 The Objecks dabble in a wide variety of musical styles, from garage/psychedelia to acoustic folk to New Age to classically influenced pieces. (1967 photo of the original Objecks, left to right: John Holahan, Charlie Comberrel, and Jim Wallace.)
Objecks projecks  (Rock:Rock General)
objectified  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Obliquai Mirabiledictu  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Just plain noise!
Oblique Rain  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Obliquerain, Oblique Rain
ObliqueDream  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
obliquity  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 apocalyptic folk... haunting, moody, melancholy, dark, sinister, gloomy, mournful, grim... but beautiful.
 "When the world destroys itself...we'll be playing a show down at Paisano's" You come to South Texas, and you haven't lived (or died) until you witness the sheer terror that is us...sounds like a pro wrestling speech? It is mother fuckers......
OBLIVION MUSIC (USA)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Original classic rock with a touch of today's adult rock sound.
Oblivions Embrace  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
oblivious (milpitas)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 heavy energetic 4 piece outta milpitas california
Oblivious Obvious  (Rock:Classic Rock)
OBQM  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 OBQM is a solo studio project. I sing and play guitars and bass, keyboard sections, and programs drums in an attempt to weave dense sonic tapestries. All production and engineering is done with a home studio setup.
OBSCURE MUZIK  (Rock:Rock General)
Obscurum Dico  (Rock:Rock General)
 Hard rocking digital music with a hint of dark gothic Rock, and a splash of hopelesness.
Observing Paul  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Obsession Day  (Rock:Rock General)
 In an era when most band's records are better than their live show and when it's image over quality, Obsession Day stands a step above the rest, proving over and over again that they are the total package. It is no surprise that the number of ob..
Obsession is Hell  (Rock:Garage Rock)
Obsessive Percussive Disorder  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 percussion, drums, percussive, industrial, instrumental
Obsidian (Olympia WA)  (Rock:Rock General)
 We are a rock band from Olympia, WA. featuring former members of Vespin and Sag. We have combined melodic vocals with heavier music and a few primal screams to create an interesting mix that is hard to put a label on.
Obsidian (US)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Obsidian, High energy Rock!!
Obsidian Black  (Rock:Goth Rock)
Obvious  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 Take a road trip across Canada with Obvious, and have a little pie.
OC Sluts  (Rock:Punk)
 Horror punk from Willimantic CT Need a Singer
OcalaMusician  (Rock:Rock General)
Occam's Razor  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Occultus Omnipotens  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 Dark gothic rock/rock opera.
Occupied Nation  (Rock:Punk)
 Punk rock with a little good ol' rock n roll mixed with some hardcore and a dash of pop punk and ska.
OCD Studios  (Rock:Christian Rock)

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