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magneto and titanium man  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Magnetone  (Rock:Cover Songs)
 Super duper vintage crap!
Magni  (Rock:Christian Rock)
 Magni-metal band from san diego...we still chat but are in different countries at the moment
Magnificent Tourist  (Rock:Surf Rock)
Magnolia Sage (nj)  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 instrumental... and other stuff
Magnum (P Romans)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Magnum is a rock group from Torell√≥, a town 80 km far from Barcelona.
Magnum (X Garces)  (Rock:Rock General)
Magnus  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 The insane side of the music world. Dark, eerie and haunting. -- This just in : New Album due out late May. It is rumoured to feature alot of great guest vocalists. Magnus will be performing live @ Sassy Bar, 158 Moray St, New Farm for ..
Magnus LindblOOm  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
Magnus Nordbye  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Magnus Orb  (Rock:Rock General)
 Members ('74-'75),Jan DeMann,Bill Fitchard,Casey O'Brien,David Poggioli, Tony Gagliano(RIP) Recorded circa 1974-5 . From a cassette tape to MP3 . Rehearsal recording done live with all imperfection and no overdubs .
MAGNUSON  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 The most mayhem ever created by a girl and a boy. Multiple instruments, all live...no backing tracks, and unique songwriting.
MAGO MERLOT  (Rock:Rock General)
Magoolo  (Rock:Punk)
Magrathea  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Mahalo Boogie  (Rock:Rock General)
MahanaimMajak  (Rock:Christian Rock)
Mahedo  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 Hola a toda la comunidad rockera de RockSur, somos la Banda MAHEDO de la ciudad de Moquegua.
MAHESA  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Mahihkan  (Rock:Rock General)
Mahisasur  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 slow rock acoustic metal heavy metal instrumental thrash metal progressive rock classic rock
Mahler and the Mailers  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Mahmoud Ibrahim  (Rock:Rock General)
 I started the violin when I was 7 and composed my first instrumental track in 2003: The Race, a track for four violins. Since then, I wrote a number of other stuff for the violin and some other instruments. I also wrote songs for some bands and c..
Mahogony Gaspipe  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Mahonis  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Alternative Rock
Mai (TR)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Mai makes music. Nothing less, nothing more.
Maianne  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
maiday  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
MAIDEN 75  (Rock:Rock General)
Maiden Canada  (Rock:Rock General)
 Great Rock Band.
Maiden USA  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Maiden USA formed in 1982 and coming soon are some 'lost' tapes from that era~~ for all u 80's fans
Maiden Voyage (Hastings)  (Rock:Folk Rock)
Main Pie  (Rock:Rock General)
 Independant Musician
main road  (Rock:Classic Rock)
main sequence  (Rock:Rock General)
MainBody  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Mainstays  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Mainstreamband  (Rock:Rock General)
Mainview  (Rock:Rock General)
Maisam  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 |.TynGent mm | A Fly Beyond the Limitz
Majesty (Michigan)  (Rock:Rock General)
Major Bowes  (Rock:Garage Rock)
Major Hawkins  (Rock:Hard Rock)
 Major Hawkins had a real good thing going for a while back in the day. Take a listen and I'll bet you'll hear something you dig.
Major Label Songwriters  (Rock:Rock General)
MAJOR MIND  (Rock:Rock General)
 World class rock from the middle of nowhere.
Major Minor Major Minor  (Rock:Punk)
 Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, MI, Major Minor has been rallying up forces of punk rock and hip hop since late 2010. Comprised of singer/songwriter ST3 (27) and rapper/singer Sean T (28), the group mixes their unique blend of different influences t
Major Snagg  (Pop:Power Pop)
 Pop/Rock, Psychedelic, Ambient, Rhythm & Blues and beyond.
Major Stoner  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Major Stoner based in Bath NY plays Hard Rock, Metal and original Major Stoner Rock
Major Zed  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 one-man cybercomposer, singer, songwriter, producer.
Majority Rules  (Rock:Punk)

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