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Mach Society  (Rock:Hard Rock)
 Hard hitting, high energy, rock n' roll, with emphasis on tasty hooks, melodic vocals, and memorable chorus'. Radio friendly, hard rock! The new sound of Seattle!
mach tiver  (Rock:Punk)
 screaming siblings playing bass and drums mid 90s style.
Machamer  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Rock guitar instrumentals, acoustic fingerpicked solos, and songs that sound like Sting wrote them.
Mache  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
Macheteros  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 As if brought together by the gods of Rock and Roll these Four Horsemen of Sonic Fury known as the Macheteros have burst forth onto the music scene with a reckless fervor that leaves in its wake wide-eyed converts or the spent corpses of those who ..
Machina(PL)  (Rock:Rock)
Machine Gun Betty(RI)  (Rock:Punk)
 punk, rock, machine gun betty, machine gun, machine, hardcore, anti bush
Machine Language  (Rock:Rock General)
Machine Messiah  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Machine Messiah, progressive rock, south florida, miami, fort lauderdale,button south,rose buds,rock and roll,eric babl, jamie burrit,bob mallette,el Dad Kira,Mark McGreevy
machinediva  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 somewhere in europe / the world of metal and electronica / finally collided / a music driven by paradox / is finally born / welcome to the court / of the past and the future / bow to the diva / of classic and baroque
Machinegun Etiquette  (Rock:Punk)
 blood, punk rock, i'm bored, cocks, marijuana, cocaine, rap, metallica, justin timberlake, 50 cent, clown posse, damn yankees, big titties, blowjobs, babysitter, %5 APR, financing, portfolio, tattoo, dog, ring, can, computer, interweb
machinehead scott  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
MACHINES  (Rock:Punk)
 MACHINES - Modern Rock/Experimental/Electronic/Songwriter music band from St.Petersburg, Russia. - See more on: www.machinesmusic.com/
Machines Of Hate (UK)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 I play a Yamaha RBX775 bass and fretless Vintage V940FL bass. Guitarwise a Vintage VP6 and VRS100.
Machinimasound NOT REAL ONE  (Rock:Rock General)
macintard  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 basement noise
mack attack  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Mack Harrison  (Rock:Rock General)
Mack Hastings  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
 Aggressive folk with a touch of punk and a style all it's own. CHECK IT OUT!!!
MACMUSIC  (Rock:Rock General)
Maco  (Rock:Rock General)
 These are different types of music with different people. I am basically a rock and roll blues player. Hendrix and Blackmore are most likely my biggest influences. Keep looking for that group of people to form a band that plays great together and s..
Macrofish  (Rock:Christian Rock)
 Macrofish is a Christian Band from Portland Oregon.
MACSWANN  (Rock:Rock General)
 Eclectic One Take Wonders... we now have lots of recorded music.We get together and record 3-4 songs in 2-3 hrs.
MacTak  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
Mad Cat Records  (Pop:Pop General)
 Rock n roll,50's influenced jive,rockabilly
MAD DANCER  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
mad dogx  (Rock:Punk)
MAD DRIVERS  (Rock:Southern Rock)
Mad Fables  (Rock:Rock General)
 old tunes that refuse to die.
mad fantastic  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Mad Jack and the Badger King  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Psychedelic Instrumental Progressive Rock
Mad Life Crisis  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Guitar-driven Rock unit (Pop-Rock thru to Hard/Heavy Rock)
Mad Mel  (Rock:Cover Songs)
 Just me covering some songs I like.
Mad Mike  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 I am a Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Country, Funk Band
Mad Mike Too  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Country, Pop
Mad Mosquitoes  (Rock:Rock General)
 Mad Mosquitoes is the band from Vietnam that play alternative rock. But the music here is done by Tuan Anh, dummer and keyboardist of the band.
Mad Scientists  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 progressive folk sexy dylanesque cracked and hacked, stacked and blacked out.
Mad Society  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Dirty Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, SOndgarden, Guitar Rock, Sub Pop, Sub Rock, White Funk, Rock, Sunset Strip, SIlverlake Rock, Indie Rock, Indy Rock,
Mad Souls  (Rock:Rock General)
Mad Tater Farmer and Slave Labor Band  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 folk rock band
Mad-Mike (solo)  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Mad-Mike solo picks up where M.J. left off with a slightly new direction - Post-Punk meets Heavy Metal.
Madam Weez  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
madan2  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Madass  (Rock:Punk)
Madbassist182  (Rock:Rock General)
Madcap  (Rock:Punk)
Madd Mother Moose  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Madd Mother Moose - is a Woman Scorned, Rock and Roll, Originals - Two Chicks and 3 sticks..., a must-see band.
Madderwort  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 Chris: bass, guitar, backing vocals David: lead vocals Felix: drums Kai: rhodes, synth
made in USA  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Made J  (Rock:Garage Rock)

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