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K and L  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Instrumental Rock
K J Dayton  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 K.J.Dayton - Bass Guitarist All vocals & instrumentation (excluding "Compilation" which includes J.Himm on Keyboards, Guitar, Drum programming)
K JUNO  (Rock:Rock General)
K L Jones  (Rock:Hard Rock)
 I Write,Record And Mix My Own Music. My Music Style Ranges From Hard Rock To Soft Rock. I'm not A Pro,I Just Like Creating Music.
K McLarin  (Rock:Rock General)
K RiTa FeliZ  (Rock:Punk)
 carita feliz happy punk rock www.k-ritafeliz.cjb.net ~*¤¥ «K-®itÅ_ ¤ _FëLîz§» ¥¤*~ ~*¤¥ «K-®itÅ_ ¤ _FëLîz§» ¥¤*~ ~*¤¥ «K-®itÅ_ ¤ _FëLîz§» ¥¤*~ kritafeliz caritafeliz karitafeliz
K toyo  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
K Tramm  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
K-Bar  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
K-Jell (Norway)  (Rock:Punk)
 The most amazing punk rock you ever heard, enjoy!!
K-Meleon  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 K-Meleon is a Spanish band from Andalucia, that mixes rock, funk and jazz into one powerful style, Having gained popularity around all the Iberian peninsula, they offer a fresh style, rich and easy to assimilate. You'll like it, or not!?
K-na  (Rock:Rock General)
K.Holowack  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
K.S. Project  (Rock:Classic Rock)
K.T.M.  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Miami based original rock band~
k115  (Rock:Rock General)
K5  (Rock:Cover Songs)
k55  (Rock:Christian Rock)
Ka'naitch  (Rock:Rock General)
 ska, punk, jazz, rock
KA-6  (Rock:Rock General)
 Hard Progressive Rock/ Soft Rock/ Indi/ Metal
ka1amazoo  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
KaAnna  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 We are Lovers writing songs to each other.
Kabanas  (Rock:Rock General)
KaboomBox  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
KaBudokan  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
kackess  (Rock:Rock General)
Kacn  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 One man instrumental music
Kadesh  (Rock:Christian Rock)
 For booking contact us at:kadeshmusic@gmail.com Official Website: http://www.kadeshmusic.com Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/kadeshmusic Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kadeshmusic
kadir korkmaz  (Rock:Rock General)
Kaeil  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Kaevan Tavakolinia  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Classic Rock, Experiamental
Kaffas  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Kai J(Germany)  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
KAIFAS  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
KAILASA BLUES  (Rock:Garage Rock)
 Our lyrics had a philosophic - universal style . Our music are always at rock reggae blues style. A no-name style. In that blend, we finds the ideal scenery to the affix about of our ideas. Revolutionary & older than the proper man. We owned more t..
Kaimera  (Rock:Rock General)
Kain (Pakistan)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Kain (Pakistan) , Progressive Rock
Kain Geinius  (Rock:Hard Rock)
 The main- genre is not easy to discribe, so "Hard Rock" is maybe the false word. But I hope you like our music. Because we not recorded any Songs at this time, I want to upload videos from our first event. Thx for reading Kain
Kain Vinosec  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
kaine  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Kairos  (Rock:Christian Rock)
Kaiser (US)  (Rock:Rock General)
Kaiser and the Machines of Creation  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Kaiser and the Machines of Creation are: Progressive rock, Rock/Metal, Instrumental and Vocal, power with precision and eminence. Guitar virtuosity, with calibrated workmanship in arrangements, melody and harmony. Big music!!! Powerful Band!!! Stro..
Kaito-sama  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Kaivo  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
KaivoIII  (Rock:Rock General)
kaizer kulas  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
KaKi (azores)  (Rock:Rock General)
 Kaki , solo artist from azores, santa maria . General Rock band .
KAKTOOZ  (Rock:Rock General)
Kal Watson  (Rock:Cover Songs)

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