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 Rock Bands - A to Z     ("I" bands shown)
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i 5 dell'Oca Giuliva  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 happy Oche'n'Roll band
i 95  (Rock:Punk)
 i-95 Punk Philly Style - Catchy Guitar Riffs - Fun Songs With Some Pop
I Am A Kamikaze  (Rock:Punk)
 crazy/original rock'n'roll and punk music. not for the picky types.
I am Crash  (Rock:Rock General)
I Am Drawn  (Rock:Punk)
i am fire  (Rock:Rock General)
I AM I  (World:World General)
 R & B from Simpsonville, we write platinum hits like SMOOTH AS A BABY's BUTT
I Am The Dale  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Instrumental music from different styles, blues, metal, atmospheric, progressive, heavy, chilled, influenced by everything and anything.
I am the scavenger  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
I Am U  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
I Am Who I am 1970  (Rock:Rock General)
I Crap BLood  (Rock:Punk)
 crack rock steady, punk, ska, noise
I EAT YOUR SKIN  (Rock:Punk)
I go by Mikee  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 uh, just guitar? maybe sometimes a full band.
I Have a Band  (Rock:Punk)
 I have a band is a pop punkish duo of teenage humans that like to be happy and make music for the general public to enjoy. They also eat large quantities of grapefruit.
I Jordan Thompson  (Rock:Rock General)
I Leztien  (Rock:Rock General)
i like it  (Rock:Punk)
 hardcore du bauw......
i love jesus  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
i m screwed  (Rock:Cover Songs)
I Never Sleep  (Rock:Punk)
I O silver  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
 Solo artist, unplugged rock.
i robot  (Rock:Goth Rock)
i rule you all  (Rock:Rock General)
 im the only band member and i rule! yeah!
I See London  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 I See London, Rock, Hard Rock.
i swear it works  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
I Think Everything I Say  (Rock:Garage Rock)
 Their mother's say they're a "nice bunch of boys"
I Vizi di Harlene  (Rock:Rock General)
I Want A Rocket Train  (Rock:Southern Rock)
I'll Be You  (Rock:Punk)
 Hardcore / Screamo band from Sheffiled UK, influences such as Senses Fail and The Used
i'm testing this band out  (Rock:Rock General)
I'mGumbyDammit  (Rock:Rock General)
i-cootooc-i  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
I-GaS  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 I-GaS write rock songs. At the moment they are in 2: Giorgio Pizzol Simone Dal Fabbro
i-Ray  (Rock:Rock General)
 i-ray, reggae, manila, rock, pinoy, bloodshots, eight rayed sun, marco viviezca, danniel ancheta, frejie guiala
i386  (Rock:Rock General)
i89  (Rock:Punk)
iain  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 progressive latin blues indie experimental
Iain Alexander  (Rock:Rock General)
 weird trippy freak meaningful electronic avantgarde utopian experimental technojazz folkrockpop urban rural (make up your own damn mind)
Iain Ashley Hersey  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Heavy, bluesy, classic rock at its' very best.
Iambic Underground  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
IamBurnout  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
iamhelp  (Rock:Rock General)
IAmMySon  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 My twisted sonic experiments. Literally whatever I feel like doing musically. No rules, no limits. Gets weirder every day mang.
Iamnotawizard  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
iamtempo  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
IAMYOURHERO  (Rock:Rock General)
 IAM:YOURHERO started their adventure under the name "The Rylics". Forming in 2004 they went on to play hundreds of shows gaining a reputation on the underground circuit as one of the best live bands around. After receiving coverage on radio station
Ian  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Ian A Bedford  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 A wide range of music collected losely under the banner of ROCK!
Ian Abbott  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Instrumental. Rock. Uptempo. Electronica.

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