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 Rock Bands - A to Z     ("H" bands shown)
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H Johnson  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Classic Rock Orange County - A Musical & Lyrical Jorney iong Writer great Lyricists Rock For Youth, Gixxergirl, Howard Johnson
H-21  (Rock:Rock General)
H.C. WOLF  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
H2H  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 hard driving rock and roll band from NOVA SCOTIA CANADA influenced by KISS NICKELBACK , ACDC etc
H8-TARGET  (Rock:Punk)
Haakon Struve  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Haanse Music  (Rock:Rock General)
Haarlem Shuffle Band  (Rock:Rock General)
Haas Amps  (Rock:Rock General)
 Specializing in custom hand-built tube guitar amps.
Habita  (Rock:Rock General)
Habitual G  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Habitual G consists of the rockingest guys ever to come out of Morris County (next to Letterbox). We take the cheesiest aspects of punk and metal and combine them into a mind-blowing mix of guitar pyrotechnics.
Habitual Line Steppers  (Rock:Punk)
 10 years of punk/garage rock combine to make up Habitual Line Steppers
Hackedicht  (Rock:Punk)
HACKERJJ  (Rock:Classic Rock)
HACKMED  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
Hacksaw  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Rock, Instrumental,
Hacksaw Chop and the Duotones  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 low-fi, psychedelic, blues rock, instrumental rock, other stuff
Hades The Cat  (Rock:Rock General)
HADESBAND ROCK  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
Hadi  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Hadicus Road  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Hadji and the Bandits  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Hadley  (Rock:Rock General)
Hadley Music  (Rock:Rock General)
Hadlock  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Hadlock is an American rock band performing infectious, high-energy, arena rock in the style of Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and other arena rock acts. Hadlock brings a contemporary edge to 80's rock and roll music.
Hadron Stone  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Hagfest  (Rock:Rock General)
 Sex Rock from SE(X)UK, ribbed for her Hagfest.
Haggard Sue  (Rock:Punk)
Hai's Hammer  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Hard Rock, Guitar Rock
Haider Zafar Ch  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Hailstone  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Hair Follicles  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Hair Guitar  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 A white male fourtysomething stuck in a midlife crisis.
Hairball  (Rock:Punk)
 Just a Hairball
HAK Trio  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 HAK trio; a mix of styles and backgrounds and skills.
Hake Rock  (Rock:Hard Rock)
 Live & Wild--DVD on sale !!!!
Haking  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 rock on
Hal Cragin  (Rock:Rock General)
 Beck,they might be giants,calm,cool,friendly,eclectic,rock,gomez
Hal L Singer  (Rock:Rock General)
HAL's Voice  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Half A Halo  (Rock:Rock General)
 HALF A HALO are a rock band from Ontario, Canada. A 4 piece band, HALF A HALO's music is a mixture of modern sounds with influences from Tool to the Beatles.
Half Baked  (Rock:Punk)
 punk, punk rock, no rules just punk
Half Broke  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Half Broke is a rock band with a slightly different style. Mixing harmonies with aggresive guitar.
Half Dressed  (Rock:Punk)
 Half Dressed is a pop/punk band from Asheville, NC. Daylon Schindler and Anthony Schindler.
Half Eye  (Rock:Garage Rock)
 Half Eye
Half Gallon Jack  (Rock:Punk)
 Punk/Rock/Stuff kind of band...drunk minded idiots from Fuquay Varina, NC
Half Gun Wilt  (Rock:Garage Rock)
Half Halo  (Rock:Rock General)
 Hard, Heavy, Catchy, and sometimes perverse
Half In The Bag  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Half Nelson  (Rock:Guitar Rock)

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