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GL Osborn  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Self produced guitar driven rock and blues, acoustic textures, slide guitar with a little bit of surf thrown in for fun.
Glad To Be Back  (Rock:Punk)
Glade Tannehill  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
gladiators eat fire  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Gladstone  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Indie Rock
Gladstone Gold  (Rock:Rock General)
Glam AD  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Glam Fakir  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Say it with flowers, fire and fury
Glasgow.Band.Looking.For.A.Singer.  (Rock:Rock General)
Glasnost  (Rock:Rock General)
 We are a alternative rock band from Delhi, India and believe in an all original set.
Glass Box Band  (Rock:Christian Rock)
Glass Crown  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Glass Eyes  (Rock:Rock General)
Glass Houses  (Rock:Rock General)
 Rock, Indie, Alt.
Glass in my foot  (Rock:Rock General)
Glass onions  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Glass onions plays original songs in the style of the 1960s pop/rock bands of the British Invasion.
Glass Planet  (Rock:Rock General)
Glass Prison  (Rock:Rock General)
Glass Rose Music  (Rock:Rock General)
Glass Spider  (Rock:Goth Rock)
Glassbox (FastOneBaz)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Angus Young meet Steve Vai. Technical, melodic, moody.
Glasshouse Recordings  (Rock:Rock General)
Glaze of Cathexis  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
gldtp99  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Glen Cain  (Rock:Rock General)
Glen Clark and the Family  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 With the years of songwriting from Glen coupled with the youthful energy of his children, Glen Clark and the Family sounds like Tribal/Country meets Gospel/Bluegrass meets Jam band meets psychedelic Goth. Birthed out of early alternative rock writi..
Glen Nazaruk  (Rock:Rock General)
Glen Thomas  (Rock:Rock General)
 I'm a musician from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. I write music for pure enjoyment and play all the instruments on my songs. My main instrument is drums and I've been playing for 3 decades. Movie soundtracks are something I'd love to try.
glenmore  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Garage pop, rock, indie, guitars,
Glenn Boughton  (Rock:Rock General)
Glenn Echo  (Rock:Rock General)
 We are a band and we play music what more do you want..
GLENN EVANS  (Instrumentals:Old School)
 much experience, most styles, lead vocals, recording producer, band leader...
Glenn Heat  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Glenn Herman  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Solo artist ecclectic mix of hard rock, progressive rock, blues and jazz.
Glenn Hodgson  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Glenn Hughes  (Rock:Rock General)
Glenn Madison  (Rock:Rock General)
 rock, pop, new wave
glenn martin  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 i am writing and recording christian music.its not about me or anyone else.its about JESUS.......
Glenn Matteson  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Progressive Rock with Jazz and New Age styling, heavily influenced by artists like Jade Warrior, Happy the Man, and many others
Glenn Palmer Howard  (Rock:Rock General)
 Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocalist/Producer.ccccI enjoy composing songs that communicate on several levels of the universal language we all speak. My goal is to reach as many listeners as I can through the emotions of everyday life and the t..
Glenn Pattison  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 singer songwriter,spiritual,rock,folk,world,

story,roots rock,meditation,soothing

Glenn Phillips  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 easy listening melodic guitar instrumentals, heavily influenced by the Vai / Satriani era
Glenn Robinson  (Rock:Punk)
Glenn Wilson  (Rock:Rock Unplugged)
Glenn Wilson (CA)  (Rock:Rock General)
Glenwood Smith Band  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
glenyrdskynyrd  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
GLIPTICA  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 Grupo de 7 amantes de la música.
Glitch US  (Rock:Rock General)
 An industrial rock band from northern ohio.
Glitter Assassin  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 Glitter Assassin is influenced by the cinematic textures of My Bloody Valentine, M83, Interpol, Slowdive and the straight ahead rock vibe of Placebo. Lyrically they exist on the fine line between retrospect, dreams and optimism of the future.

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