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 Rock Bands - A to Z     ("G" bands shown)
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Get Busy Living  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Get Busy Rocking  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Get Down Watson  (Rock:Rock General)
Get Real  (Rock:Rock General)
 We are a powerpop/alternative/punk band
Get The Groove  (Rock:Cover Songs)
 Classic Guitar Rock and Blues
GetCalibrated  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Another average guitar player.
GetShorty  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Solo Rock guitar.Into 80's Hard rock.
Getting Nowhere  (Rock:Punk)
 cheap punk
Gezza  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 80's Rock and Roll
GFO George ONeil  (Instrumentals:Rock)
GG Allin and the Murder Junkies  (Rock:Rock General)
GG King  (Rock:Rock General)
GG orchestra  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
GGSM27  (Rock:Riffs and Licks)
Ghama  (Rock:Hard Rock)
Ghandi Bang  (Rock:Punk)
 Discordant punk rock!
ghel  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Gherna Gang  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Ghetto Dog  (Rock:Rock General)
 Most important to mention about the 4 members of GhettoDog up front is that it was derived from long lasting friendships right off the bat! It is that, that gives us a solid foundation as a band. No egos, No drama, just a willingness to enjoy what we do,
Ghetto Recording Studios  (Rock:Rock General)
 cheap demos for poor bands!
GhiJK  (Rock:Rock General)
 Glasgow-based power-pop trio who record their own records, book their own gigs and and tie their own shoelaces.
GHK123  (Rock:Rock General)
Ghom  (Rock:Rock General)
 Jus havin some fun, haaris- lead guitar,rythmm guitar,bass,recordin azhar-vocals taimur- vocals Mak- vocals, backing vocals
ghosh311it  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 My Bass solos
Ghost (NJ)  (Rock:Rock General)
Ghost (NL)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Ghost bones  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Ghost Car Conductor  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 We are a fourpiece instrumental rock group out of New York We play mostly original materialgroovy droney sometimes noisy rock and roll with frequent improvisations and breakdowns
ghost circles  (Rock:Rock General)
Ghost Garden  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Ghost Girl  (Rock:Goth Rock)
 Ghost girl, Dead girl sings
Ghost in the Line  (Rock:Punk)
 ghost in the line, rock, punk, metal, awesome, sweet, sexy, sexy guys, cute, best, fast, girls, love, hate, sex
Ghost in the Machine (SC)  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Heavy Rock with a progressive edge with vocal harmonies or what we like to call "Progressive Groove Metal"!
Ghost Noir  (Rock:Goth Rock)
Ghost of Consequence  (Rock:Southern Rock)
 Acoustic, southern metal/rock, blues
Ghost of Lefty  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Ghost of Mr Greenjeans  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Ghost Orgy  (Rock:Goth Rock)
ghost pimps  (Rock:Rock General)
Ghost Riders  (Rock:Rock General)
 Outlaws, BlackHawk, Henry Paul Band, Brothers of the Southland, Primus, Led Zepplin, Country Rock, Blues, Phill Stokes, Steve Grisham, Grits, Barry Rapp, Jimmy Sexton, Jimmy Bennett, Pug Baker, Jimmy Spheeris, Grey Ghost, Ghost Riders, Sex.
Ghost Stories  (Rock:Surf Rock)
GHOST TOWNE  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Soul, Phsychedelica
GhostCO  (Rock:Rock General)
Ghostdriver  (Rock:Rock General)
ghostlando  (Alternative:Indie)
 Hello and welcome to Drakima's ( TM ) Soundclick website. Here you will find original multimedia work by me Alejandro Drakima Valdivia. I am currently located in Oxnard California USA. My official Website is
ghostliness  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 psychedelic mystic prog art rock
ghostmarch63  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Ghosts Of Pompeii  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Keyboard Dominated Instrumental progressive rock.
Ghosts of Sherwood  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
Ghosts Run Wild  (Rock:Punk)
 In a dark, ancient graveyard, overgrown with strange vines and forgotten by man, a hideous chorus of chimes erupts, heralding the arrival of Hour 13...Bathed in an eerie ultraviolet light, the air charged with the smell of ozone, the Tri-Lobed Burn..

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