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C A Martin  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 I'm a rock guitarist playing both electric and acoustic songs-some of which will be instrumental. I play covers with Mid Life Crisis, while also working on originals The music will draw from rock, blues, classical, and anything else that I'm feeling...
C Ray Jones  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 C Ray Jones. Electric rock/ Blues/ acoustic....mellow stuff as well. Some sort of musical genius, I'm sure. :OP
C A I D A  (Rock:Punk)
 Panama punk rock under
c and c (SoCal)  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
C e c e l i a (US)  (Rock:Rock General)
C Johnson 1  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 Song writer and Recording Artist
C Mac Loughlin  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
C n R Project  (Rock:Rock General)
C STONE CHAPEL  (Rock:Christian Rock)
C W and the smokin Js  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
C Wood  (Rock:Rock General)
C-Jay Sargent  (Rock:Rock General)
C-kuela  (Rock:Rock General)
C-Pro  (Rock:Rock General)
C-Sauron MP3's  (Rock:Punk)
C.A.F.B.  (Rock:Punk)
C.E.O.  (Rock:Rock General)
 The mountain tribe from Woodstock Die hard fans like to decorate their bodies with neon paint and offer them wheat bread Turn ons include Microchips bonfires beer and dragons that breathe underwater Turn offs anything that stands in the wa
C.T. Clements & The Realtime Phantom Band  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 We are an eclectic Folkrock band that is made up of various local musicians that are either soloist or who play in other established bands We come together to perform and record Essentially we are a cooperative of folks who work on one another
c00ldude  (Rock:Rock General)
C2music  (Rock:Southern Rock)
 Songwriter / Singer........ Bedroom Studio Producer All songs are available for recording artists.
C3a  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
C3M  (Rock:Punk)
C4Tevo19  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 C4Tevo19, home-made recording, guitar heroes wannabe
CAB  (Rock:Punk)
 from Baltimore MD we play punk/alternative music
CAB (Indiana)  (Rock:Rock General)
 A Unique Blend of Blues Rock Country Pop!
CAB Fare  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 My personal, eclectic projects
CABAL  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Heavy Groove Metal that is both Identifiable and Relative.With Melodic riffs,Heavy agressive vocals,this three piece band are getting great responses at every venue they've played.CABAL has United and Intrigued, all that has heard them.. Cabal is ..
Cabaret Runaway  (Rock:Rock General)
Cabaret Scene  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
 Progressional Rock
Cacaomagro  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 life film score music played instantaneously
Cacau Lopes  (Rock:Cover Songs)
Cacophoniacal Spunk Muffins  (Rock:Punk)
Cact  (Rock:Rock General)
Cactus  (Rock:Rock General)
Cadance  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
Cadaver Dogs  (Rock:Punk)
Cadence17  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Cades  (Rock:Rock En Espanol)
 Cades, es un grupo de rock que trata de hacer algo nuevo, cansados del mismo tipo de musica popular de nuestro pais, Guatemala, y cansados de ver como todo va decayendo.
Cadison Change  (Rock:Rock General)
Cadlakwood is timmyJames  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
Caen s'est tu-The Daltonz  (Rock:Punk)
CAENUM  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
  Caenum is an independent/do-it-yourself rock band based out of Omaha, NE. Since forming in the fall of 2001, they have lived by their Go it Alone attitude. Faced with breaking through in a scene dominated by nationally renowned Indie/Alterna..
CAESURA  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Caesura 2012  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
Caevan O'Shite  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Fingerstyle rock guitar instrumental
Caevan O'Shite the one and only  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
CaffeConfuso  (Rock:Cover Songs)
 A very cool band
Cagatay Sen  (Rock:Rock General)
cage  (Rock:Rock General)
 sleeepy inside, unrested. however.........................
Cage Heart Lion  (Rock:Punk)
 We love music. We write songs that can connect with everyone whether your a teen or adult. We just want to show the world what we can do.

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