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006  (Rock:Rock General)
00fish  (Rock:Christian Rock)
010110  (Rock:Goth Rock)
0151  (Rock:Classic Rock)
01A  (Rock:Goth Rock)
0303456  (Rock:Rock General)
07R7  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
0blivion  (Rock:Rock General)
 Rock band
0bsidian  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
0Dannyboy  (Rock:Rock General)
 I write all the time...and love to keep busy playing and recording with friends.
0xF050  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
1 2 86  (Rock:Psychedelic Rock)
1 Big Jerk With Car  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 akjfa aldkfja sdlfj ladksfj alsdjf alsdfj af aldsfj asdf
1 Cecil Road  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Original instrumental rock with influences from more musical times.
1 dot ru  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
1 Guy  (Rock:Rock General)
1 JamMasterG  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
1 Last Chance  (Rock:Punk)
 1 Last Chance plays music that is like a punch in the face; you never forget it and then you want to go get another round. - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck (http://www.muzikreviews.com)
1 man army  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
1 MAN BAND  (Rock:Rock General)
 Experimental recordings and musings, Schizophrenic ramblings and rhapsodys, Confusing concertos and other oddities.
1 Mile  (Rock:Rock General)
 Hard Rock
1 Million Monkeys  (Rock:Progressive Rock)
1 Percent Amps By Carl Popek  (Rock:Riffs and Licks)
1 Up on Me  (Rock:Punk)
1-800 (India)  (Rock:Hard Rock)
10 000 Witnesses  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 Groove Rock
10 bucks short  (Rock:Punk)
 pop punk, blink 182
10 Cent Wonder  (Rock:Rock General)
 10 Cent Wonder is a straight forward alternative rock band from Kansas City.
10 Cents Short  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
 Instrumental Rock band.
10 Days  (Rock:Rock General)
 Melody Lines that get stuck in your head, with Guitar and Drum rhythms that kick you in the gut and make your feet stomp.
10 Easy Wishes  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
10 Gauge Lobotomy  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
10 MILES OF BLUE  (Rock:Rock General)
 Indie rock, back flips, real musicianship, lots of blue glow sticks, 1 girl, 6 guys and a cello
10 Speed Racer  (Rock:Guitar Rock)
 A seriously Rockin Band
10 Ton Groove  (Rock:Rock General)
 10 Ton Groove are gearing themselves up for a lengthy stay in the hardrock scene Melting vocal prowess with blistering guitar riffs and melodic grooves…these guys have a chemistry that is undeniably real The group’s music and style stands in wit
100 Pleasure  (Rock:Classic Rock)
 Bill Meincke, Conor Kendrick, Alan Jankowski, Clay Thompson. YEAH!!!
100,000 bodybags  (Rock:Punk)
 Taking punk rock into the 21st century. Just check it out, you may like it you may not, we don't really care to be honest
1000 lbs of Sound  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Titanium Necro-Funk
1000 Swings  (Rock:Rock General)
 1000 Swings is a rock hodgepodge singing songs of love, loss and whatever else comes to mind.
1001icyknights  (Rock:Instrumental Rock)
100rik001  (Rock:Rock General)
1057 Walker  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
10cm  (Rock:Rock General)
 10cm is a 4-piece band that consists 3 nurses namely bloodytom, roachy and jezm, and roachy's brother tetet. bloodytom - rhythm guitar, vocals roachy - bass, vocals tetet- lead guitar jezm - drums
10thWorld  (Instrumentals:Rock)
 Neo-classical metal instrumental
10xw  (Rock:Punk)
 10xw: band from east los angeles, ca. Formed in 2002.
11 11  (Rock:Folk Rock)
 Folk Rock
11 On The Crazy Amp  (Rock:Punk)
 We are insane.
11 TOWER  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 11 TOWER - Rock n`roll group from Porto, Portugal.
110 Voltz  (Rock:Rock n Roll)
 Com um som baseado no bom, velho e novo Rock 'N' Roll, o 110 Voltz mostra o seu trabalho próprio, e luta para difundir esse gênero tão pouco destacado no Brasil.
111234  (Rock:Rock General)

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