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 Pop Bands - A to Z     ("B" bands shown)
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B E Taylor  (Pop:Pop General)
 B.E. Taylor is nationally known as a song writer, music director, and lead singer of the B.E. Taylor Group. His releases KAREN on Epic and VITAMIN L on MCA reached the BILLBOARD TOP 100.
B Street Boys  (Pop:Cover Songs)
B W Sounds of Praise  (Pop:Contemporary Christian)
B World Beatz  (Pop:Pop General)
B'ehl  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Female fronted pop quartet, featuring sweet harmonies and driving rhythms.
b-bei  (Pop:J-Pop)
B-boogie-7  (Instrumentals:Beats General)
B-May (Tx)  (Pop:Pop General)  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 bsharp plays contemporary pop - rock
B.U.B.U. Offical  (Pop:Pop General)
B.Unique (US)  (Pop:Contemporary Christian)
b2st04  (Pop:Cover Songs)
bab1xsm1lez  (Pop:Pop General)
BABASMONKY  (Pop:Power Pop)
 El 21 de Noviembre del 2005 en una busqueda de la pérdida total de conciencia al calor del vino y la necesidad de sonar, comienza BABSMONKY. Decidimos que nuestro primer disco se llamaría Fotos de Fantasmas pues comenzamos esta agrupaciòn tocando c..
babee012  (Pop:Cover Songs)
Babi Floyd  (Pop:Christmas/Seasonal)
 Babi Floyd is a lounge singer. Keyboard and piano played by George Small, Lead Guitar by Hugh McCracken, Bass by Ray Peterson, Percussion is Van Romaine. All are studio musicians.
Babi Tre  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Babi Tre is Joshua K. Osborne born and raised in Amarillo Texas. At the age of 11 he wrote his first christian rap after hearing a mixtape that featured 12th Tribe, D-Boy, P.I.D., Mc Gee Gee, Bernard Wright and many others. With the support of his fami
Babicka  (Pop:Pop Rock)
babie 23  (Pop:Contemporary Gospel)
babii x  (Pop:Pop General)
babiisOx  (Pop:Pop Rock)
baboxjenny  (Pop:Pop General)
Baby Fishmouth Studio  (Pop:Pop General)
 Pop Rock Jazz Folk classical
Baby Girl Oksana  (Pop:Power Pop)
 Sexy female vocals over smooth flows with lyrical substance that pays attention to detail that is well thought out and put together...
Baby Pancakes  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Ragga Jam pop with a funk jazz twist.
Babybabbatunde  (Pop:J-Pop)
babybakchoy  (Pop:Cover Songs)
Babychi  (Pop:J-Pop)
babydorkee  (Pop:Pop General)
BabYguhbrenda  (Pop:Power Pop)
Babylon 1669  (Pop:Pop General)
 The cries of an invisible Woman
bac  (Pop:Pop Rock)
bacardiiiiin  (Pop:Pop General)
Back YB  (Pop:Pop Rock)
backbeat  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 an alternative, pop, rock, guitar & piano style band, focusing on melody, layering sound and words.
Backdoor Boys  (Pop:Pop General)
 Backdoor Boys is the future of boy bands and electronic pop.
BackingFiles  (Pop:Cover Songs)
Backroom Studio  (Pop:Contemporary Christian)
 Friends coming together to create.
Backseat Pilot  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Backseat Pilot is John Mayer meets Incubus meets Death Cab for Cutie. Run by a singer/songwriter and three other phenomenal musicians, we bring deep lyrics and (most importantly) catchy melodies and harmonies in an awesome acoustic rock groove exp..
Backwards Alphabet  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Blink 182 meets Violent Femmes, with some Nerf Herder and Offspring, sprinkled with Catch 22 and Green Day on a solid foundation of 80s pop and rolling stones.
Backyard Bandits  (Pop:Power Pop)
 Backyard Bandits Sworn to Treasure, Booty, and Pleasure....
Bad Habit (NYC)  (Pop:Pop Rock)
 Bad Habit was formed in 2007 at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC. The New York Pops tutor and mentor the children on a regular basis and as a result has performed in many venues including Carnegie Hall. Bad Habit has also recorded in several studios.
Bad Pennies  (Pop:Power Pop)
 Power pop rock
Bad Science Fiction  (Pop:Power Pop)
Bad Vocals  (Pop:Contemporary Christian)
Badani  (Pop:Pop Rock)
BadBoy Interscope Writers - Producers Grinehouse  (Pop:Pop General)
Bade Yaws  (Pop:AAA)
 For Chipped Balm
badgerland  (Pop:Pop General)
 Americana meets the interweb like a PDA bouncing off a coral head, this describes BADGERLAND to a Tee. The alchemy of the new combined with the historic, then flung at the hologram we call the future delivers a sound as fresh as it is inviting. Listen up
Badhorsie2  (Pop:Pop Rock)

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