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 Metal Bands - A to Z     ("W" bands shown)
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W o n e  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 with one noble enemy, w o n e, death metal, black metal
W.A.R samples  (Metal:Cover Songs)
W1X3D  (Metal:Cover Songs)
Wa  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Pronounced as 'way'. A dark force that hit my mind as a side project in mid 2003, from a now on hold project called 'Hrimceald' shortened to 'Hrim'. Consisting of one primary member known as 'Dreorig'. With 'Wa' I want to make the sleaziest mus..
WAAAAARGH  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
waakuum  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
Wachu band  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
Wade Elliott  (Metal:Metal Riffs and Licks)
Wade McBeath  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Waelstrum  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Waffle Chunks  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Heavy Metal
WagsMetalInc.  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Wah6  (Metal:Cover Songs)
 A 15 year old and his guitar.
Wahsolos  (Metal:Cover Songs)
Wailing Ones  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Waiter For The Toys  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Waiting for the Fall  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Waiting for the Fall, wftf, waiting, fall
Waiting to Exhale  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
wake (us)  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Progressive Hard Rock with traces of Opeth, Soilwork, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and whatever your mom cooked last night.
Wake Down  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
 Wake Down is the youngest new-rock band kicking the crap out of the New Orleans area. Just formed, the band has created their own sound with an all original live set. Each member uses their own experiences and influences to create each song.
Wake the Lion  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Upbeat Metal/Rock with a nice dirty Southern feel.
Wakeful  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
Waking Giants  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
 Progressive Metal, Djent, 8 String Awesomeness, Trance Inducing, Electronic...
Waking the Colossus  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Waking The Fallen  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 metal/hardcore melodic band out of northeastern pennsylvania ..
Walid Feghali  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Walk A Mile  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 we play hardcore/metalcore music, and we love it.
Walker's Tomb  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
 Walker's Tomb is the new prog/power metal project from veteran musicians, Dan Walker and Nuke, formerly of Seventh Jester, of Wooster, Ohio and Cyberchrist of Cleveland, Ohio.
Walkerfied  (Metal:Cover Songs)
 Walker adds random music places and needs a URl!!!
Wall Of The Eyeless  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 The band was formed in November of 2011 at Helsjoen, Sweden by SL, 21, who originally comes from Pskov, Russia.
wallenb  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
Wallzilla  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)



Best music i've ever heard about.

Walong Gramo  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Walpurgis  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A mix between Heavy and power metal, gives us that fast heaby sound. Like iron maiden mets megadeth.
Walt Harvey  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
WALTZ OF THE DEAD  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Waltz of the Unblessed  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 We hope to combine ultra-fast and trudgingly slow sections, varied vocal stylings, inject groove, clean/dirty guitar interplay, breakneck tempo changes, polyrhythms, and throw it all together and stir it up to create something unique.
wamsalsh  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Wan Long Kok  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 This isn't just Bruneian music. This is Bruneian Metal... hardcore riffage from the jungles of Borneo. Metal fueled by Buttermilk Chicken and Teh Tarik. Metal YOU can call your own.
Wandering Essence  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
wannabecomedeath  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
Waohmggds  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 An classical ambient black metal side project of Drifason.
War Horse  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
war mask  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
War Mind  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
War Of Apollo  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
War of Karthaus  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 War of Karthaus is the name of my solo metal project. My personal soundclick account is http://members.soundclick.com/metalrageson Enjoy! .... AND THE METAL RAGES ON!!!!!
War Prayer  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
War Season  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 War Season, Heavy Metal
War to War  (Metal:Heavy Metal)

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