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D and P  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Dirty stoner metal
D M R  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
d needs mixing advice  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
D Tizall  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Melodic, acoustic-based
D VOID  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 d-void, melody, along with heavy grooves. We bring this hybrid style of funk, groove, and rock / metal direct to your brain. Described as “a mixture between Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus & Rage Against The machine.” We try to mix their vibes wit..
D'Amon Michaels  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Beyond Everything Youve Ever Heard Before and Behind Everything You Have
D'arch  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 D'arch is a Turkish band from Turkey/Ankara, formed in December 2005,the genre of Symphonic Metal.At the moment, D'arch has released its second demo "Olumu Beklerken"and during 2010 they will be on tour both in Turkey and abroad.
D'Jestah  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 Heavy Industrial
D(RIV)E  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
D-20  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 D-20, D20
D-Death-F-From-A-Above-  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Guitar, Metal, Heavy Metal, cover songs
D-LAB  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 Mechanized Metal / Industrial hybrid powerhouse band that mixes pure agression with groove-based rhythms and amazing songwriting. Definitely a new force in the stagnant world of music.
D-Mind  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
D.4.T.9.  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Death metal/Hardcore from Luton, UK
D.L.A (Defeat Lies Ahead)  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Near the end of 2007 a few guys had the idea to start a metal/hardcore band. Soon the line-up was complete and consist of 4 members. After a while the 4 decided to call the band Defeat Lies Ahead in short: DLA! This is where it all started.. The st..
d116  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
D1RT  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 D1RT is a One Man Band Composed by Chris Dart and is a Mix of Deathcore,Nu Metal,Industrial Metal and Metalcore
D33Struct  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
d3juR  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
D3liriumX  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
D3stroyer  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Hard Hitting guitars,Heavy,Metal,Hard, Agressive, solos,
D3Th 53Nt3NCE  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Satan piddles his pants when hearing the demonic sounds of D3Th 53Nt3NCE
D3V0iD  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 devoid [di-'void] [adj] - being without a usual, typical, or expected attribute or accompaniment
d4rkd3m0n666  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
Da Hypah Eyebaws  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 The best band EVAH!
Da Lucius Crew  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Aggressive metal from Norrköping,Sweden
Da SkullCrackaZ  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
 Pure Hate
Daanikus (Solo)  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
Daath  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Techno Death Metal
Dabid  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
daBigtropa  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
DAC Bolivia  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
Dacast  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Les prémices de DACAST sont nés de la rencontre à l'école ATLA (Ecole de Musique, Paris XVIII) de Sylvain et de Thibaut en début d'année 2002. C'est la rencontre avec Abdel, le chanteur, en Août 2002, qui est annonciateur de ce que sera DACAST. S..
Dacookster  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Dacryphilia  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 full on metal mixed with woozy electronica
Daddy Elephant  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Dade County Psychoz  (Metal:Rap-Metal)
 Dade County Psychoz Big D and MuNkEy a new up and coming band. MuNkEy a DJ on Cryptic Radio is a member of the group. Big D the other half.
daementia  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Black Metal Renaissance
Daemon Blak Music  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 "DARK BLU" is a metal genre solo project created by Atlanta, GA rock guitarist, Daemon Blak. Daemon Blak Music is a synthesis of Death Metal w/ Clean female vocals and searing Pentatonic Shred Guitar Solos.
Daemonic Angel  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
 Branden Meyers - guitar, vocals, electronics Hunter High - bass, vocals
Daemonist  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
Daemonium  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 we play a fussion of death/grind-core with purulent gore vocals ...
Daemonolith  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
Daemonthrone  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
daemos  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
dAfBa  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
Dag Luvs Blondie  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
DAGA (USA)  (Metal:Goth Metal)
 DAGA its a two men band created by ROBERTO CARRERO during 2000 in wich (R.C.) plays the drums bass guitars keys forming that combination musicly w feel n technic introducing around 2006 ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ in lyrics n vocals w his unique voices
Dagalur  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Melodic death/black/NSBM/Pagan ambience
Dagger Of The Mind  (Metal:Alternative Metal)

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