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 Metal Bands - A to Z     ("A" bands shown)
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A Band Of Orcs  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Sword-n-Sorcery inspired death metal made up and chanted by oRcs
A Beard of Bees  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Death for the dead.
A Beautiful Witness  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 A Beautiful Witness is a christian progressive metal band from the Eastern Shore VA (or refered to as delmarva). We enjoy making music together. We try to keep our stuff original and different.
A Bitter Sunday  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Blessing In Tragedy  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Hardcore/Metal band from Northern MI.
A Blind Prophecy  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A melodic heavy metal band from Rhode Island! Come check these guys out if you're into heavy, fast, and melodic metal!
A Blueprint for Flight  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Technical metal, feature snappy rhythm changes, polymeters and epic chord sequences. Currently a 3 piece looking for second guitarist and a vocalist
A Borrowed Life  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 A Borrowed Life's sound is similar to modern emo-core w/ new wave and traditional metal influences.
A Break In Chaos  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 We like playing music. Otherwise, we wouldn't do this.
A Breed Apart  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A Broken Spell FL  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 A Broken Spell-Insane metal from Jax,FL
A Buried Existence  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A Burning Memory  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Case Of Grenada  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Screamo/Hardcore from Siegen on Redfield Records.
A Cause For Collapse  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
 we are a progressive metal band from Saugus, California.
A Chaotic Realisation Of Nothing Yet Misunderstood  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A Child Must Die  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A city Aflame  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A Cold Sleep  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A Constant Battle  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A Cruce Salus  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Cruel Existence  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 we are group of musicians that love metal, in all forms, all glory. when we all get together, this is what happens. we hope you like it!
A Dark Addiction  (Metal:Goth Metal)
 Gothic rock/metal
A Darkened Sea  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Symphonic Dark metal with Gothic and Electronic elements
A Darkness Within  (Metal:Industrial Metal)
 Orgy/Korn type of music.
A Day in February  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 we like to rock it then kill...
A Day Of Suffering  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
a day to fall  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A Day Without Rain  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 Metal band from Rochester, NY
A Dead Horror  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A DEAD MOTION  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 A DEAD MOTION, ADEADMOTION, Hardcore, music, scream, breakdown, metal, montreal, brutal,
A Deadly Wish  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A Deadly Wish is a five piece metalcore band hailing from Southern California consisting of Remy & Diego both playing explosive lead & rythym guitar, Eddy using all five strings on bass, Jeremy on the drum kit and Jesse with all amazing vocals and lyrics
A Different Logic  (Metal:Progressive Metal)
 Solo project to keep my creative side going.
A Division Of  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A Division Of is a Hardcore/Metalcore band from Yuma Arizona that consist of 6 kids who don't listen to hardcore or metal.
A Dozen Dead Roses  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Just One Person
A Dozen Knives Desire Flesh (ADKDF)  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 experimental, grindcore, death metal
A Dying Age  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 A Dying Age, features all-original groove metal.
A Dying Empire  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
 Noisy as fuck.
A F Sherlock  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Failed Escape  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A Fall To Break  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Familiar Terror  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A Fatal Obsession  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Feasting Beast  (Metal:Heavy Metal)
A FLASHBACK TO CRIME  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
 A FLASHBACK TO CRIME's blend of thrash, death metal and hardcore skyrocketed them into popularity within the today's ever-growing yet promising Colombian and South American metal scene.
A Forgotten Past  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
 Brutual Metal from Western Mass.
A Fourth Grade Love Affair  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)
A Funeral For Evil  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Gasp For Air  (Metal:Alternative Metal)
A Godlike Existence  (Metal:Death/Black Metal)

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