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 Jazz Bands - A to Z     ("M" bands shown)
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M2H  (Jazz:Bebop)
Maaherra Ellive Enojohop  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 Bluus, bluusman. Bluusa is his dame, and that is how he travels away.
Maarten Janssens  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Maarten Janssens plays jazzpiano and chromatic harmonica
Macarldie  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Maciej Rzesiowski  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
 Maciej Rzesiowski - MRG - European pianist, keyboardist, composer and music producer. Maniac guitar sound that you hear in the synth salts leads played by him. All instruments in their music MRG recorded using virtual instruments and computer.
Maciek Pysz  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Guitarist Maciek Pysz composes his music, combining "talent, virtuosity and passion with a deep sensitivity".
Macky.Y  (Classical:Contemporary)
 hima ,cow head boy,ibaraki,japan
MacLes  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Mada Atomz  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Madatte Art  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Mads Thorsen  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 modern jazz
Maestro Florin Dumitrache  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 I'm Dumitrache Florin Toni Romanian musician-violonist ,and I'm intrested in a collaborations for a music contract on5 Stars Hotels around the world or Cruise ship.
Maestro225  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Maetar  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
mag isa lang ako  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 ako lang mag isa
Magical Twilight Orchestra  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 About Magical Twilight Orchestra It is the orchestra which performs new and nostalgic mysterious music. An urbane sound is the feature. The genres which we perform are Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Latin, Bossanova, Pop, Classic, etc. All music is original.
Maja Jensen  (Pop:Pop General)
 It's a one woman band sort of. When I record I have my producer playing the guitar, bass, keyboard, drum prog. When I sing live I just have my pianist by my side.
Mako?Rehaps?  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
 Hip hop jazz That pretty much sums it up
Maksimov  (Instrumentals:Jazz)
Malawi Eye Biter  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
Malcolm Brown  (Classical:Classical General)
 Classical, easy listening, swing, romantic,
Malcolm MacFarlane  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Jazz/Contemporary Classical crossover and film music
Malik D  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Producer,Artist and Performes all songz.Composer and a Hot Shot musician!
Malinda  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 Female Jazz Vocalist
MAMTOM  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Man Out of Time  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Country, Folk, Pop instrumental
Mango Kid  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
MaNiAc  (Jazz:Dixieland)
Manifiesto  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
manihethoerenkind  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Manninen  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 Atmospheric soundscapes with monotonous beats...
Mano Reza  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 Smooth funky jazz artist. DIY Producer, musician and composer.
Mansa Musa  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 Hip Hop, Acid Jazz...
mantovani d  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
MANUELA LOPES  (Acoustic:Acoustic Vocals)
 Formacoes musicais: Manuela Lopes duo com James Mellor (piano). Manuela Lopes 4tet com James D. Mellor (piano) Luis Henrique(baixo), Joao Nuvem (bateria) Sexteto Manuela Lopes James Mellor, piano, Dunkan Kinnel (vibrafone), Matt Lester (sax/flauta),
manum  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Maravillosa IS Marvelous  (Jazz:Lounge)
 Singer & Entertainer
Marc Halikas  (Jazz:Cover Songs)
Marc Rosen  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Neo-Cool music-acoustic, improvisational, melodic.
Marc Weller  (Jazz:Jazz General)
marcel B  (Jazz:Jazz General)
marcijazz  (Jazz:Cover Songs)
Marco Bordin  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Mardi Gras Beads  (Jazz:Dixieland)
 O yall ask alot of questions huh? Description of your band: Used for our search engine, your customized flash, and more (max 255 characters
Margaret Wilson  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 I am a solo fingerstylist playing an eclectic mix of jazz and blues.
Marian Sawyer  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 MARIAN SAWYER is the featured artist on REVERBNATION, home to over 2.44 million musicians, venues, labels and industry professionals. She has also been honored by Headliner.FM as Artist Of The Month and 250,000 fans globally.
Mariano Higa  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 Groovy, Sexy, Jazzy, Funky, Wicked & Smooth
Mariano Medina  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Marina Xavier  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
MarinBlues  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Blues fusion jazz rock guitarist from with a smooth, specific tone of his own. Check it out! Guitar music.

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