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La Barrio Manouche  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Gypsy Jazz, Manouche Jazz
la clik  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
la loge 212  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
La MadreRija  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Jazz/Rock, Modern Classical influences....like Mahavishnu orquestra, Frank Zappa,
lachijazz  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
lackthereof  (Jazz:Swing)
Lady Di and the Knights  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 five piece Jazz, Easy listening, oldies pop, classic rock band
Lady J (USA)  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
lailha  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
LAM Worship Band  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Praise and worship and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit. Straight ahead, fluid, swinging, intense in worship, and jubilant in praise. Unto You, Oh Lord, do we lift our voice!
landairsea  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
Lapis Lazuli  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
 Structured improvisation drawing largely from Classical music and free-form jazz. Stefan Paolini: piano, prepared piano, vocals. Barry Seroff: flute, shakuhachi, vocals.
LARELLA  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Larluv  (Jazz:Jazz General)
laron aka zo  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
  la rons bio well la ron is a extreme dedicated artist he loves his music been making music for the longest ever sinces elementry school where he found his love for music he was deep in to any thing that had a medoly . he is into classical an..
Larry Bomback  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Larry Burroughs  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Larry Ellis Jr jazzplaya  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 An artist who can write original music, but can also bring to life, other writers music
Larry G Sax Ensemble  (Jazz:Bebop)
 Jazz Saxophonist
Larry Linteau and the Southern Gentlemen  (Jazz:Cover Songs)
Larry Martus  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Martus’ classical/acoustic upbringing shines throughout, as do the ghosts of Joe Pass and Bill Evans, creating an album of luminous passion and harmonic elegance. -Andrea Canter, Contributing Editor JAZZ POLICE
Larry Williams  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
LarryRCampbell  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
larryrwright  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 All types of music are explored ...
Larrys SOTW Clips  (Jazz:Bebop)
 jazz bebop standards coltrane dizzy sonny bird dexter
Lars Larsson  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
Lars Whalen and the Leperchauns  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
 the greatest band based on a birthday party song
Last Place  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Last Trip  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Last Trip plays contemporary Jazz Fusion Funk.
Latenite Entertainment  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Filipino Saxophonist
latife  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Latoria Christian  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
 Hey this girl is bad,check her out!!!
LauraLaBineMusic  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Laurel Moore OneLadyJazz  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 As Feminine as Lace and as Smooth as Chocolate for the Soul
Lavenderboy  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
LaVON Smooth Jazz  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 La' VON aka "Mr. Smooth Jazz". I am a Smooth Jazz Artist and Poet. I'm also the CEO & President of COLOSSAL974 Recordz, LLC. Music is my passion and Smooth Jazz is my Soul! I make Smooth Jazz Music that You can Make LOVE Too!
Lawrs Van Valkenburg Trio  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Layers  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
 emotive and wild free jazz
Lazy Daze  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Lazy Daze are a live band & recording duo based in Bournemouth & Woodford Green, producing all styles & genres of music.
lazyy-g  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Lazzarini  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 All music performed and edited by Dan Lazzarini Cover art by Pauline Lazzarini (except for Be Happy Now and Gee... by Angie Crabtree
LBird  (Jazz:Jazz General)
LDB3  (Jazz:Jazz General)
le barb  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 guitar, sometimes solo, sometimes with programmed bass and drums.
Le Beau Septembre d'Aurore  (Jazz:Cover Songs)
le fashi0n ninjazzz  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 C45!0 babyyy!!!!
Le trio Swinouch'  (Jazz:Swing)
Lead Alto  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Leaking Shell  (Jazz:Lounge)
Lebrett  (Jazz:Jazz General)

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