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 Jazz Bands - A to Z     ("K" bands shown)
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K F Newman  (Jazz:Jazz General)
K Nova  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
K Road  (Jazz:Jazz General)
K' Jae  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 I'm K'Jae and currently reside in the Baltimore area.
k-za determiner  (Jazz:Jazz General)
K. Dale  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
KAA  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
Kachebee  (Urban:R&B/Soul/Pop)
 smooth, and subtlety emotional.
Kai Tanaka  (Jazz:Modern Jazz)
kaizoku  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
Kaj Genell  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 My music has now reached iTunes and Spotify. I live in Sweden, am originally a tenor saxophone player.
kaluanda  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 carlos augustus, world fusion, jazz, rock, samba, northern brazilian ragas, electronic, mood, artbeat, kaluanda, sindicato
Kameya87  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
kantor  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Kara Johnstad  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 Kara Johnstad's voice is heavenly, soulful, passionate and very sensuous! It is rare to find all those qualities in one voice, but Kara has just that!! She sings from her heart and gives every song an earthiness and truth that only a person who ha..
karjamm  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Karl McNeill  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Live Jazz, RnB, Soul, Funk
Karl Shott  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Karl Urlie  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Guitar Instrumental Arrangements, using the computer for recording.
Karla Desousa  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Karmatotal  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Karmoon  (Pop:Adult Contemporary)
 I am a songwriter/musician. My main instrument is Tenor Sax, and I also play guitar, flute and keyboards. Although my musical interest is mainly Jazz, I like most styles of modern music. I am recently getting more involved in writing and arrangin
Kathleen Jones  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Kathryn Keats  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Kathy Moxham  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 with Doug Logan

and the Kelly Park Band

katie moore  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Katie Waissel  (Jazz:Modern Jazz)
 Katie Waissel, one of the most talked about contestants from 2010s X-Factor, is set to have her self titled debut album released via American indie label, Chamberlain Records/Toe 2 Toe Entertainment. The self-titled, 10 song Retro Soul/Jazz album, will b
Katrina Mena  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Just me and a piano. [for now at least]
Katz and Jammers  (Jazz:Jazz General)
kavala  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Kawee  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Kayle Clements  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Kayle Clements is recognized as one of the premier jazz pianists in the West Michigan area.
KBALLARD  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Kcmusicmkr  (Instrumentals:Smooth)
kdofg23  (HipHop:Hip Hop General)
Keenan Baxter  (Electronica:Dance)
 Keenan is a musician's musician - Jazz, Rock, Pop, & Blues are sublimely rendered in ways that will astound. When you hear him play his own compositions you know that you are in the presence of a musical genius- a local jazz pianist and Grammy Contender
Keith Antao  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Keith Garside  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Guitarist/Composer/Keyboardist. Progressive Rock/Jazz/Folk Fusion. FilmScores: A Shepherd of Pure Heart (2005) Sister Sonya's Prayer Group 2009
Keith Johnson's experiment  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 My music basically consists of my jazz fusion compositions that are influenced largely in part due to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock who are my greatest influences when it comes to music.
Keith Mitchell  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 A Melting Pot of Jazz,Fusion,Funk,New Age and World influenced music.
Keith Reed Jr. and The Jazz Experiment  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Keith Reed Jr. and The Jazz Experiment are focused on providing music with a touch of class.
Keith Shimkowitz  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Kelly Bossano  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Kelly Denis  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Denis started music in 2004 after first accompanying a friend to a Jazz Show at Serena Hotel Kampala where he had to present up with Jazz drumming.He thereafter met Joel, who was an upcoming Artist, and they did the first Christmas Album recording. Joel,
Kellylee Evans music  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
Ken Allan Phillips  (Jazz:Swing)
 Ken Allan Phillips is the consummate performer at the top of his game
Ken Brumfield  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Ken Dickinson  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 Eclectic, Acoustic, Electric, Jazz.
Ken Greene  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Ken Huang  (Jazz:Jazz General)

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