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Ian Pirro  (Jazz:Bebop)
Ian Taylor Sax Solos  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
icarusit  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Ice Cakes  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
IceKey  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
iconiQuestra  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Idaho  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
idefixe  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
IgH  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
IGOR NAKHMAN  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Igor Komar  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Igor Zakus  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Iguana Jump  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
ilan  (Jazz:Swing)
Ilfat Sadykov  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Ilja Reijngoud Quartet  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Ilja Reijngoud Quartet - Ilja Reijngoud (trombone), Martijn van Iterson (guitar), Marius Beets (bass), Marcel Serierse (drums) - Jazz at the Crow - Eindhoven - 8 februari 2008 - Recording: Wim van de Ven
Illusions of a Goddess  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 Karen Motherway performing in tribute to Marilyn Monroe, lookalike celebrity impersonator, singing in the style of Marilyn Monroe
Imagine That  (Jazz:Dixieland)
 Imagine That! Plays old tunes with new and old beats.
imagineer  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
Improv Jazz Drums  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
In A Box  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
In the living room  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 We are constantly evolving.currant lineup is Jim Porter,Guitars/Guitar synth Jim Shomer;Bass Tim Tablada,drums/percussion{on current recordings} Richard Bogen;drums/Percussion{new member}
In The Mood  (Jazz:Swing)
 Big Band, Swing, Jazz Vocals, Jazz, Wedding Band
In The Spirit (The Jazz Gospel Project)  (Jazz:Jazz General)
Incontinentals  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Increase(DK)  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
Indigo Nanuq  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Indofunk (NYC USA)  (Jazz:Acid Jazz)
 Indofunk blends Indian classical and hip-hop music with straight-up American funk and dance beats to create a new take on funky music. As grooving as P-Funk and Sly Stone, as tight as any techno DJ, Indofunk also has that Indian meditative thing ha..
Indy  (Electronica:Electronica)
 Indy - bomb track productions 09(c)
Infinite Loop  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
Inga McDaniel  (Jazz:Nu Jazz)
InQuiet  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 contemporary jazz, electronica, chill, fusion, smooth jazz, acid jazz, electronica, jazz fusion, ambient
Insanity's Crescendo  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
Insout  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Anybody can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple. - Charlie Mingus Insout is a creative music duo formed in 2000 by Claudio Allia (music writer and producer) and Riccardo Samperi (music writer, producer and ..
Instrumente  (Jazz:Swing)
INTENSITY  (Jazz:Free Jazz)
 Improvised acid and free jazz combined with an eclectic mix of progressive and classical
Interplay (Framingham)  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Interplay is a jazz combo playing out of Framingham, MA. Playing mostly out of the real book with a few other standards thrown in, Interplay is a versitile band able to play in any setting.
Interplay Jazz Quartet  (Jazz:Modern Jazz)
 Modern and Contemporary Jazz
Ioann  (Jazz:Jazz General)
iordache  (Jazz:Jazz Fusion)
 iordache is a free/fusion jazz group
Iowa Park Jazz Band  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Iowa Park Jazz Band. Located in Texas. Working on spreading the wonderful music of jazz to you.
IRINA  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
 Irina Keybord Korg Triton musician, arranger and composer.
Isle of Jazz  (Jazz:Modern Jazz)
Isoji Wizards  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
 Ricardo Moncrief on piano.keys, Stephenie Hendricks on vocals, sometimes expanding out to 4 or 5 players, we love to play. Sometimes we are Isoji Presents Wizards of Odds.
Isoji Wizards2  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 We love to play, but all have day gigs. We love to play for convalescent hospitals and to support those in healing arts. Each one of us works in a health or music related field.
Issie  (Jazz:Jazz Vocals)
ITRACK  (Jazz:Smooth Jazz)
ivan kapec  (Jazz:Jazz General)
 Original music influenced by mediteranean background.
Ivan W. Taylor  (Jazz:Jazz General)

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