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 Country Bands - A to Z     ("R" bands shown)
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R Cates  (Country:Country General)
 Country and blues originals.
R D Bragg  (Country:Country General)
R G Glen  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Acoustic, original, country, singer, songwriter.
R Landon Wills  (Country:Country-Rock)
 Country-folk-rocker homestudio recordist for over 50 years, R Landon Wills has played on stages and in studios up and down the Ottawa Valley and in his native western Kentucky. He has written and recorded over 300 songs, largely kept secret until now.
R M Brown  (Country:Country-Pop)
R Michael Rhodes  (Acoustic:Acoustic Rock)
R WILLIAMS -B K CUMMINGS  (Country:Country General)
R WILLIAMS-J BARTON  (Country:Country General)
R.C. PICKENS  (Country:Country-Rock)
 Country Rock artist, singing straight forward lyrics about modern day life.
Rachel Anne  (Country:Country General)
 Country music's my passion. How many Stargate loving, goa'uld speaking, country singing, figure skaters will you actually meet in your life? My name's Rachel Anne and I would be pleased to know that your answer's 'not many' :).
Rachel Baker  (Country:Country-Pop)
 Welcome! Thanks for coming by I have been working on my first record and I have cut 1 of the 13 tracks. I am a 22-year-old Somerset, Ky native. I am very excited to be working with Perry Music Group & Indie Star Records. My dream is coming to be reality
Rachel Bowery  (Country:Americana)
Rachel Porter  (Country:Country-Pop)
Rachel Williams  (Country:Country-Pop)
 Rachel Williams music truly is music with no boundaries that just about everyone can identify with. Merge Nashville with Motown and then mix in a bit of edgy pop-rock and you begin to get an idea of her captivating sound.
Radio America Still Sings  (Country:Country General)
 Various Singers & Musicians who are contributing their time and talents to the Radio American Still Sings.
radioman  (Country:Country General)
Radu Stefan  (Country:Alternative Country)
Rafe Hollister  (Country:Alternative Country)
 A mix of Bluegrass, Country, Southern Rock and Folk
RAGGED JACK  (Country:Country General)
Raising DeadEye  (Country:Alternative Country)
rajabasar  (Country:Bluegrass)
Raju Ek  (Country:Country-Pop)
Ralph Johnson  (Country:Alternative Country)
  Ralph Johnson writes performs and records his own alternative country music in the tradition running from the Carter Family to Neil Young with a dose of post punk attitude A founding member of Philadelphias Rolling Hayseeds Johnson has perf
Ralph Staub  (Rock:Classic Rock)
Ramapo Ridge  (Country:Bluegrass)
 Ramapo Ridge is a New Jersy bluegrass band.
Rance Cockrell  (Country:Country General)
 I am a guitar player who listens to all kinds of stuff.
Rancho Deluxe  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Rancho Deluxe in the Apple iTunes Store Country rock group Rancho Deluxe has released two critically acclaimed CDs and tour their home state of California constantly, swinging between Los Angeles and San Francisco almost every week. They are cur..
Rand Reynolds  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Hillbilly Noir music
Randall Alan Place  (Country:Country General)
Randall and Wilma Green  (Country:Christian Country)
Randall Cousins  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Randall Cousins : a unique interpretation of performance
Randall Lee  (Alternative:Indie)
 Randall Lee, singer/songwriter, country, adult contemporary, alternative, southern rock, rock, rockabilly, Americana, Audio Video Music Producer, music, and more!
Randall W Walker BMI  (Country:Country General)
 Country Music Song Writer from Oklahoma
Randall W Walker  (Country:Country General)
Randall W Walker Sr  (Country:Country General)
Randolph Michaud  (Country:Country General)
RANDY  (Country:Rockabilly)
randy and chris  (Country:Country General)
 country, southern rock, acoustic
Randy Benjamin  (Country:Country General)
Randy Bruce  (Country:Country General)
Randy Carpenter  (Rock:Christian Rock)
Randy Case  (Country:Americana)
Randy Clinebelle  (Country:Christian Country)
Randy Doll  (Country:Christian Country)
Randy Doran  (Country:Country General)
Randy Duck  (Country:Country General)
Randy Finchum  (Country:Country General)
Randy G. Foncree  (Country:Christian Country)
 Randy is a minister, author, song writer and singer. His mission and aim is to spread the everlasting, never changing gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world...
Randy Gadd  (Country:Traditional Country)
Randy Gonzalez  (Country:Country General)

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