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 Country Bands - A to Z     ("H" bands shown)
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H L Tapley  (Country:Christian Country)
 Grass root country music with a Christian message in the stye of Paul Overstreet, Josh Turner, Randy Travis and Joe Diffee.
HABIB SONGS  (Country:Country General)
Hadassah  (Country:Country General)
Hair I am on wheels  (Country:Country General)
Hale Family  (Country:Bluegrass)
 Bluegrass instrumentals played on guitar Chris Mandolin Chris Bass Chris fiddle Rose
HalfDead Fred  (Country:Alternative Country)
Halfway To Texas  (Country:Country and Western)
hamby swaggerty  (Country:Christian Country)
 hamby & swaggerty- garry & terry hamby & michael swaggerty christian country- southern gospel we write all the words & music we sing. we love to sing and love to write songs, give us a listen and please check out our website
Hamigos  (Country:Country General)
Hammer Down Bluegrass Band  (Country:Bluegrass)
Hand Picked  (Country:Rockabilly)
 Hot country guitar instrumentals
Hank Bowman  (Country:Bluegrass)
 Hank Bowman is a song writer and performer from Eastern North Carolina. Hank writes songs on the edge between tragedy and heartbreak. Big influences are Peter Rowan, Bill Monroe, Del McCoury, Dudley Connell, Shawn Camp
Hank Brake  (Country:Country General)
Hank Buster  (Country:Country General)
 Mostely alone with a multitrack tape recorder.
Hank Grant  (Country:Country General)
Hank Ray  (Country:Alternative Country)
Hank Thomas and Silent Thunder  (Country:Country General)
 Country country/rock Southern rock singer/songwriter
Hank Waite  (Country:Honky-Tonk)
 Hank Waite and the Milkmashers: Honky-tonk heroes.
hankjrfanfrommi  (Country:Traditional Country)
Hannah Marshall  (Country:Country General)
 Country, Folk, Down home
Hannah Thomas  (Country:Country-Rock)
 sophisticated country
Hanofer Fist  (Country:Alternative Country)
Hans and Neville  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Singing/songwriting duo of multi-instrumentalists.
Happy Harmonies  (Country:Christian Country)
 Had a radio show on 2KA (Sydney, Australia) for 17 years. Played around the Sydney area.
Hard Drive Bluegrass  (Country:Bluegrass)
 bluegrass memphis tennessee tenn TN
Hard tell'in  (Country:Christian Country)
 me myself and I.
Harding Williams  (Country:Country-Rock)
Hardley Parton  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Hardley Parton Brings you his CD/EP 'Hardley Parton : Partly Hardened' Solo work on tenor guitar and vocals.
Hardline  (Country:Alternative Country)
 We are a smooth blend of both country and rock
Hardly Worth It Band  (Country:Traditional Country)
 Hardly Worth It Band
Hargis Singers  (Country:Americana)
Harley Lynn  (Country:Country General)
Harold MacIntyre  (Country:Country and Western)
 Canadian recording artist Harold MacIntyre
Harold Morton  (Acoustic:Folk)
 Harold's earliest influences were that of Chet Atkins and Johnny Horton in the early 1960s, which led him to start playing his father's Silvertone acoustic. Harold played in many genres in the years that followed, being influenced by the Be..........
Harpware  (Country:Christian Country)
 Played trombone for years, found my place in church music. Noticed harps much in Bible. Built small lyres for 15 years, but harp building came out of it and one harp( #11) is 51" tall. Mostly play 2 harps(#10,#12) 43" tall.
Harrison Langdon Ennis  (Country:Alternative Country)
Harry Edgar  (Country:Country General)
 My name is Harry Edgar .I am a songwriter who writes in many different styles l love rock and country but can write to suite the artist.I have my own little recording studio at my house where i put all the songs together.
Harry Howell And The Howlers  (Country:Rockabilly)
 The greatest show business phenomenon of this summer season.
Harry Pratt - songwriter  (Country:Country General)
Hart and Soul  (Country:Country General)
Harvey Leroy Austin  (Country:Traditional Country)
HARVIN TY READ  (Country:Honky-Tonk)
Hatcher Station  (Country:Country General)
Hater FREE  (Country:Country General)
Hater911  (Country:Christian Country)
Haulin' Grass  (Country:Bluegrass)
 Haulin' Grass - Pistol packing, hard driving bluegrass music played by Martin Thomas, Jeff Wheelock, Eddie Campbell and Tim Adair
Havermill  (Country:Traditional Country)
Hayden Yates  (Country:Alternative Country)
 Dynamic, eclectic, soulful, indie, manic-depressive, country, rock, lyrically lush, and melodically plush muthafucka.
Hayley Oliver  (Country:Country General)
 female Country Music Vocalist
Hayley Timmons -Lyricist  (Country:Country General)

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