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 Comedy Bands - A to Z     ("G" bands shown)
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G Dubyas  (Comedy:General Comedy)
G-Rett And The Shadow Ninjas  (Comedy:Prank Calls)
 Destroy All Posers!!! The Shadow Ninja's representing true electronica hip hop!
G-Wolf  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
Gabe Saladino Experience  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
Gag Reflex  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Gag Reflex was a critically acclaimed sketch comedy group from the Chicago area. Their mix of sketch comedy and music delighted audiences for nearly two decades. Here is some of their best stuff.
Ganal gang  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Kremey, Anal, gay, neh, weedy, weed, edeth, seedy, Alana, Bailey, Ganal gang
GanstaTarded  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 To make the whole world GangstaTarded
Garbage Pail Style  (Comedy:Parody)
Gary Corbenson  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Comedy Infortainment?
GaryCXJk  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Gaston Poohderz  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Fart Pranks and Ring Tones, gags, jokes,funny,comedy,DIY,ringtones fart
gaugauyeah  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
Gazstarr  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
GDUP Pranks  (Comedy:Prank Calls)
Gelul FM  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
Gene's bloopers  (Comedy:General Comedy)
General Forum Music  (Comedy:General Comedy)
General Guadalupe and the Chodes  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 We are a lollipop general and some chode warriors.
Genital Pineapple Ebolic Mastication Bitch Disease  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Gente Incivilizada  (Comedy:General Comedy)
GEOFF HAMMYHAM  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Geogaddi  (Comedy:General Comedy)
George and The Joker  (Comedy:Parody)
Gerard Lambert et cie  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 French humour and imitations¸.
German Radio Comedy Team  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 We are 3 german webradio djs and start a new project. A Comedy Project.The use of our Comedyproductions is 4 Webradiostations absolutly free.
Get Bent  (Comedy:General Comedy)
gfxlab  (Comedy:General Comedy)
GGG SM  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
ghaandi  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
 comedy rap hip hop classical acoustic alternative indie rock metal ghandi instrumental jazz electronica latin freestyle cardiff uk wales
Ghetto On Toast  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 A comedy hip-hop duo from the valleys of South Wales, UK. Our websites up soon!
Ghetto Pirates  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Giardia Monkey  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Deemed Crazy, Offensive, and Unfit for the guests to listen to, Giardia Monkey has been entertaining audiences in some way or another for four years with their catchy lyrics and can't-get-out-of-your-head tunes.
Gigolettes!  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Giorgio and The Electric Love Cannolies  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 The Great Giorgio -Accordian, lead vocals. The band's founder, Giorgio is the primary songwriter and arranger. Originally hailing from the city of Buttadeal, located in the Polish-Italian Islands off the coast of Calvone, Giorgio gained fame in his..
girlsofprank  (Comedy:Prank Calls)
 two girls doing prank calls
Give Your Blood  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 The best parodies ever.
Glam Divas  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
 We two gals get together and create these ads...that's about it.... yes there is much more to both of us, but we have getting personal with strangers...
Glen Stollberger  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 One guy who has a low-end rig hooked up to his computer. Turn up the volume and you can probably hear my computer humming in the background :cp
Goat Weiner  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
 brought to you by the letter 6
Golf Boy  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Every golfer will love these hilarious songs about the great game of Golf! This CD is a great Birthday or Christmas gift for any fan of Golf and will bring a smile to any golfer, even after a rough day on the course!!! To Hear free song clips, clic..
Gonfunko  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Puerto Rico's best (and probably only) parody band.
gonzo productions  (Comedy:Prank Calls)
Goof Balls  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Goof Troops  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 we bad mutha fuckkaz
Gook in a Can  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 Funny band. Hilarious. BADASS! Gook in a Can is the best band ever!
GooodLifeee  (Comedy:General Comedy)
Gorilla Problem  (Comedy:Adult Comedy)
 Groovy, amazing, sultry, boring, fat, dumb, stupid, annoying
Gothic Sponge  (Comedy:Political Humor)
Grafish  (Comedy:General Comedy)
 We are the best band on the deep blue sea.
Grand Theft Pancake  (Comedy:General Comedy)

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